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Monday, February 28, 2011

Have you ever seen snow like this?!

We started our day off at the beach where it was very warm and sunny. We had a great walk and Lily actually stayed by our side without her leash!  I had my camera on the night setting so the pictures are a tad discoloured.

Her fave part about the beach... digging!!!

Stole my mitten and did a dance around me. Little brat.

After we had our fun on the beach we decided to take a little drive on the Cabot Trail. I really was just craving my fave spot for poutine but we didn't make it too far as the snow is insane up there!!! Looking back on these pictures it's hard to believe this was all in the same day.

Daily dose of Moose

Your daily Moose pictures :)

I like it in the city when two worlds collide

These three songs are on the top of my ipod playlist. I am just loving Adele right now. The first one is from her 19 album the next three are from 21. Sooo good!

.... When you see my face....

J and I had an amazing weekend filled with friends and food. It's been the busiest weekend we have had in a very long time because of J's recovery. Today we are both feeling pretty tired and I have got a mean ear ache. Feeling quite bad for myself actually.

Tonight, as J was watching a very boring movie I found myself on twitter. I rarely ever creep it, I'll post the odd tweet and catch up on Ellen or any other celeb that pops up on my feed. Today an old coworker had retweeted something an old "fling" of mine had said. Not my last longish relationship but a brief one in between J and the last. Of course curiousity got the best of me and I had to check up on him. I haven't had any kind of contact with him since we ended things. That's not true I saw him in a bar once and we said hi but that's about it. Through creeping I quickly learned he had a blog. I obviously had to check that out as the name of it is quite intriguing. Four posts in I see a title that looks all to familiar. It's a song I used to goofily sing to him. My face goes instantly white and the butterflies in my tummy are crashing into one another. Here we go.

 It's not a long post thank god, because things hadn't ended so graciously between us. So after reading the first sentence I instantly know it's about me. It turns out the post wasn't as bad as I had anticipated. However he did say "I like her. She wasn’t the prettiest girl by any means. Don’t get me wrong, she was cute at first glance, however my unrealistic standards and constant urge for new conquests blinded me from being able to commit to anything that wasn’t on a magazine cover" Geez!!! lol You could have just said she was cute not necessarily hot per se. But this part made me smile "she taught me a few things about myself and how to treat others. For that I thank you. I hope one day you can forgive me and we can be friends again <3"

That's the fabulous thing about all relationships, no matter the intensity, depth or length of them you will always learn from them. We had a very short lived relationship as he was going through his "player phase" and had made some pretty big mistakes. But the interesting thing about that was I took a step back and saw myself in him. I was very selfish and thought I was invincible just like him. He didn't care about my feelings but rather who his next conquest was going to be. We had some heated arguments that followed and we both just gave up on one another. He is a fabulous person he just wasn't my person.

I started hanging out with J shortly after and was able to give him all of the things I wasn't able to give my past relationships/flings. Don't get me wrong, of course I have my slip ups as we all do but I do try my best. As soon as I feel my selfishness creep up I quickly try and look at the bigger picture. I am so grateful for every relationship in my life past and present.

Oh and if you do ever happen to randomly end up on my blog as I did yours...I thank you and forgive you , you vulgar bastard :) xo

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Laugh, Cry, and Dance

A couple from back home just got married in the Dominican Republic and had an amazing photographer/videographer!!! Nghia Tran really captured the love, quirkiness and the fun Krystal and Andy expel. I really feel I am right there in the moment with them as I watch these. 

Krystal and Andy - Punta Cana - Teaser Trailer
Engagement Video
Krystal & Andy - Punta Cana - Wedding Video

Friday, February 25, 2011

Pretty in Yellow

I really need to quit it with my online shopping addiction. I know someone who is a bit worse then me and she was the one that spent hours helping me find a dress. (Thanks Tara!) I was going back and forth between the four dresses I loved which are posted down below and she found this new one for me!! It's very sweet and I cannot wait to wear it. Of course I feel the need to find a new outfit for my social, wedding shower, three weddings, and rehearsal dinner but I guess I can wear one of my older dresses to a couple of events but it's just not as exciting. I suppose some new shoes should be ordered as well :)

Here is my new BCBG dress that I got for a 1/3 of the price:

It's as simple as it should be

So the really exciting thing about living in a small town is leaving it. Since I spend most of my days cooking, cleaning, and playing with my dog I don't ever wear a spot of makeup and my daily wardrobe consists of p.j pants/sweats/lulus, tank top, occasionally a bra (usually a sports) and a sweater. So as soon as I have the opportunity to leave the house and go to let's say... home hardware, or grocery shopping I get way to excited as I get to pretty up my face and pick an outfit out of the two closets I have easily filled. If someone would have told me 8 months ago I was going to be engaged living in a VERY small town, where I would be so excited to go grocery shopping, visiting home hardware or finding new recipes I would have never ever believed them.

J and I took a drive to Baddeck to go grocery shopping and wander the town. Of course on the way up every person you pass gives you the smile/nod/wave which always makes me happy. It was just such a gorgeous day and had that exciting feel of spring. Everything just felt fresh and the sun just brightened everyone's faces. We ended the day off right at a friends place where we had some great conversation, laughter, mojito's (except for J) along with a delicious fondue dinner.

Yep, that's right, I have all of my grocery bags ready to hit up some good deals

My pals and I discussing the knit-a-thon!

Sorry Mrs. Bell.

We came up to 3 moose on the trail. Poor little terrified things

Views on a cloudy day

Yesterday we went for a little drive and walk to relieve ourselves from the cabin fever we have been suffering through. J went for his longest walk since the accident and felt really good, he didn't even have to nap afterwards which is great progress! We even got to go and visit Lily's pal Sprocket.

Here are a couple of wedding location shots we took on our walk...

One of the many beautiful views

J's freakishly large arms are great for self portraits
We are actually getting married right where the highest part of the snow is.

Lily and Sprocket on their playdate, yes I treat my dog like a human being <3

Lily loves Sprockets yard because she can roam around without a leash

And of course we end the day off at a moose crossing


We have officially booked a photographer wooweee! My pal August who is a pro photographer August Karklin Photography went through my top four choices and suggested we choose Scott McIntyre. I can check off another task of what seems to be the neverending wedding to do list.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


So we have narrowed it down to four wedding photographers in our area. We are having the worst time deciding who to choose. They are all in the $3-$4000 range. We will absolutely not go over four. Tell us who you think we should go for:
John Ratchford, Brad Sampson, Michelle Campbell, or Scott Mcintyre

I really fell in love with Alex MacAulay but we are waiting to see what we would have to pay for travel costs from Halifax. J and I are the worst for this stuff as we are both so indecisive.

I was able to make one easy fabulous decision today. I ordered the girls in my wedding party some beautiful cuffs from Etsy's Plume Delight. We have decided to go with a Peacock theme :)

Girls dresses and flower belt from smart set.

And  fabulous cuffs!


We need a photographer BAD, it's 6 months before the wedding and photographers are becoming very limited. I have a few people in mind and will find one TODAY!! I had called a couple of others last month and they were all booked, we were really wanting our photographer who did our engagement photos to do our wedding but she is unfortunately unavailable. I'll let you know who are going with by the end of today :)

Here are a handful of our engagement photos...


So now that I have my wedding dress I need to find fabulous shoes!!! Shoes I don't feel as bad spending a good amount of cash on because I don't get sick of my shoes as fast as I do with my clothes. However, I am so madly in love with many of Christian Louboutin and Jimmy Choos amazing shoes but they are a little over budget. I am going to wear them again and again though so that should make it ok, right??

Oh annnnddd when I was in Halifax last month I had tried on these two equally stunning dresses that I thought would be perfect for my wedding social in April. They were both nearly half price but J wasn't with me to buy one of them for me. I just found them  BCBGMAXAZARIA but they are full price :(

Dress 1:

 Dress 2:

And then I found two more that I love just as much!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I told you to be patient

Just a little Nova Scotian pride I like to dork out to

Check out number 21 on Matador's 22 place to hit in 2011!! 


I am getting more and more excited for the wedding as at least 15 people booked a room at the hotel today :) There was an amazing deal on so many people were all over it. I am just so excited for everyone to come and celebrate with us and share our beautiful province with them. We so far had two couples and my mom and a friend come stay with us and we had so much fun!!! I want more fun, NOW!!!!

Jaye & Brians visit:

Monday, February 21, 2011

Have a good day!

Good Morning from a crisp, sunny, windy Atlantic Canada. Had to get our morning walk in before running around town doing errands and visiting friends.
Our neighbours dog leading the way.