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Thursday, October 25, 2012


Although Daddy's mini-me is looking quite serious in these photos, I heard her first laugh yesterday!! She is very ticklish and finds it quite funny when my fingers crawl up her tummy and find their way under her chins. SOOOO CUUUTE

This is in our backyard :)

HOLD ON A SEC! I captured her giggle face...

 I am so in love


Weeee my new Birthday boots from J and his parents came in today!! Thank You Thank You I love them! They are even more divine in real life :)

These bad girls are from ShoeMint

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Warren Lake

I was chilling out at this lake the day before I gave birth to little Willow!

 And  2 weeks after!

Warren Lake was one of our hang outs this summer. The water gets nice and warm and the scenery is gorgeous. But in the fall it becomes a Canadian paradise! Definitely our favorite place to take a book and a coffee and relax. I am trying to relax as much as possible before the big move. Tomorrow the packers come in and than the movers come Friday. Pretty sweet that we don't have to pack a thing except for clothes and necessities to get us by until our stuff arrives at the new house. Takes a lot of stress off! The only thing I am dreading is flying with two dogs, a cat, and a babe. Well I am not really to concerned with Willow, if she is in my lap cuddled in and fed she is golden. I am just thinking of that darn cat,Timbit. We have a 5 hour drive and then a 7-8 hour travel day by plane. I am not sure how in the world he is going to use the bathroom. Oooh and they are going to be traumatized from being underneath the plane, poor things.

 I am also thinking about how much I am going to miss it here in Cape Breton. It's almost like the island is trying to pull me in by showing me the greatest summer and fall ever. I am happy we got out and did some many hikes and hung out at so many beautiful beaches, we really made good use of our time here.

Willow is a Warren Lake regular and she still lights up when I tell her we are going there.

can you even handle those chins? aah what a cute little chubber

It's a dogs paradise too!

Willow finds it very relaxing

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Extended Fall

We are pretty lucky that we have had an extended fall. All of our seasons in Nova Scotia are behind the rest of Canada's. So when we left for Quebec everything was still very green here, while New Brunswick and Quebec were at their absolute peak. Driving back to Nova Scotia the colours were slowly starting to peak and then when we hit Cape Breton it was still pretty green. Well right now we are at our peak! I honestly can tell you I have never seen such beautiful scenery as I have this fall in Cape Breton. The mountains all look like a fierce roaring fire has taken ablaze. The reds, oranges, yellows, & bright greens excite me beyond belief. I highly recommend each and everyone of you to take a trip to Cape Breton Island this time of year. I have been trying my best to capture the beauty to share with you all but my pictures just don't do it justice.

 We did The Cabot Trail the other day for my 22nd time :p and I ended up giving up trying to capture the beauty. You must enjoy their beauty with the naked eye to really enjoy the landscape.

A quick little feed on the dock

This babe has been burped by her dad all over the island lol

On the way back home we came across a cow and a calf on the side of the road. The cow went to go walk back into the woods but the calf panicked and started running right in the middle of the road. The cow ran onto the road to run beside her babe so J put on his hazards and honked the horn for a couple of minutes to get them off. The momma wouldn't leave her babes side, it was too sweet. We didn't leave until they were well into the woods as we didn't want a car to come up and hit them. It isn't the smartest to travel at night for this reason but we are always very cautious and drive well below the speed limit and our eyes peeled to the road :)

 I didn't take the greatest shots as I was enjoying the cuteness

Monday, October 22, 2012

Road Trip Day 7 & 8

Road Trip Day 7 Quebec - New Brunswick - Nova Scotia

We said our see yah laters to Anne-Claude and Noah. It still hadn't clicked in that we are moving away and won't get to see them whenever we please. So I didn't get all sappy and emotional like I usually do. I know we will keep in touch with Anne, Michee, & Noah, they have definitely become great friends.  I am looking forward to Noah and Willow meeting up again when they are older.

Ugh So Gorgeous
Drive by photo of an amazing waterfall

After driving for only about a half hour we saw a sign for a hike & waterfall... our two favorite things! We obviously had to make a pit stop and were happy we did.

Willow really loved all of the red leaves :p

After that beautiful little hike we got back in the car and drove through  New Brunswick and stopped for the night in Amherst, Nova Scotia.
My sleepy babes, how sweet are these two?

Day 8 Nova Scotia - Cape Breton

The final day we were all exhausted and tired of being in the car. We were excited to pick up the doggies from their "doggie resort". They shared a heated chalet on four acres of land. There was 12 other dogs staying at the resort so they made a lot of new friends over the week and had just as much fun as we did, I'm sure.
my cute little road tripper

And that's it, that's all. We had a phenomenal vacay and hope to visit Quebec again!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Road Trip Day 6

Road Trip Day 6 Quebec

I spent the morning lazing around with the babies while Anne sold apples, and J braved the grocery store as an anglophone in a francophone community.

So I guess Willow is big for her age haha 6 months apart

We spent the afternoon at Mont Sainte Anne. I obviously had to pick up some poutine the real stuff with cheese curds, it did not disappoint!

Poutine a delicious Canadian delicacy ;)
Noah and Willow tied for being the cutest babes around
The leaves make me so unbelievably giddy. I get soooo excited from these colours
After stuffing our faces with the good stuff, a hike was definitely needed. Just across the road there was a beautiful hike that led to a stunning waterfall.

If you look at the left hand corner there is a little brown spot..

A beaver! I snuck as close as I could without disturbing him.

After such a beauty of a day we went back to drink beer and sell apples...
What a jokester.