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Friday, February 25, 2011

Views on a cloudy day

Yesterday we went for a little drive and walk to relieve ourselves from the cabin fever we have been suffering through. J went for his longest walk since the accident and felt really good, he didn't even have to nap afterwards which is great progress! We even got to go and visit Lily's pal Sprocket.

Here are a couple of wedding location shots we took on our walk...

One of the many beautiful views

J's freakishly large arms are great for self portraits
We are actually getting married right where the highest part of the snow is.

Lily and Sprocket on their playdate, yes I treat my dog like a human being <3

Lily loves Sprockets yard because she can roam around without a leash

And of course we end the day off at a moose crossing

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  1. lol your dogs are so cute! Love it! And how funny you spotted a moose! How neat!


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