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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Goodnight Sun, Hello Moon

I miss seeing sunsets. We don't get to see too many of them around here as we are surrounded by mountains. So I am looking forward to those wild prairie sunsets in Manitoba. The sunrises are quite pretty from the beach if you are up early enough.
We went for an evening stroll to the beach to eat our dessert, drink a coffee and be soothed by the ocean. Yep, amazing evening.
Chocolate Cheesecake, Coffee, and the Sea go perfect together.

Lily is the hardest to snap a photo of. She love to show off her booty

Welcome Moon!!

Love that reflection

Night Night Sun


Hey Blog Friends!!! I am now a lean mean instagramming machine!
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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Broad Cove Mountain

My fave time of the year to hike is definitely the fall. The crisp air with that last sweet scent of summer still lingering... ahhhh heavenly. The leaves are starting to change. Reds, oranges, yellows, and browns are SLOWLY emerging. It's so sad when all the trees lose their leaves so I am totally fine with them taking their sweet time.

 We are leaving for Quebec City in a couple of days and we are pumped! I really hope the leaves are at their prime when we return. Cape Breton fall is THE BEST.

Here are some snapshots of our hike up Broad Cove Mountain.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Meat Cove

We decided to go on a little adventure/hike at the most Northern village on Cape Breton Island called Meat Cove. Meat Cove is a teensy tiny place with less than 100 people living there. It is seriously the end of the road, only a little dirt road along the mountain accesses it. I have heard different stories of why it is called Meat Cove. But all the stories have one thing in common, it was a great place to hunt.

If you ever visit Cape Breton be sure to make the drive up to the community. Every time I go up there I am shocked that people live out there. I would go INSANE. I live in a seriously remote place but up there is another world.

We fed our babies, fed ourselves, took in the scenery and than did a little hike. It was perfect
Our babes were hungry after the long drive

Daddy doing his burping duty

How cute is Willow's boyfriend, Noah? He is 8 months and is a very determined boy. He is very good at walking...with moms assistance :)
St. Paul's Island in the distance

Our view from the hike

Taking it all in

Willow is quite the hiker

See yah later, Meat Cove

Thursday, September 20, 2012

10 Weeks

At ten weeks my little pork chop weighs in at 13lbs 3ozs and she is 23.5inches long. I definitely don't have a petite baby girl that's for sure! For weight she is in the 92nd percentile and for head circumference and length she is in the 85th percentile. She took her shots like a champ yesterday, only fussed when it first went in and then you would have never guessed she had been poked. She didn't get a fever or anything after, phew!!! J & I are so blessed we have a good, happy, goofy & healthy babe.


We started off the day in a mad panic making sure everything in our home looked clean and inviting as we had a showing in the next hour. When we made the house as good as it was going to look we headed down north (I don't know why people call it "down north") to buy some bread at the farmers market. I picked up the prettiest loaf and we decided to head to the beach. On our way we got a phone call from our realtor with an offer, yeeeep an offer. The woman had made an offer before hand but it was on condition until she saw the house. Well she loved the house so as of right now we have a conditional sale. She just put a deposit down so it's looking promising. Totally bittersweet. When we got to the beach it quickly turned overcast so our little family spent the afternoon cuddling in Willow's tent and of course playing a few rounds of fetch with the doggies. I shed a few tears that afternoon. It was a very sombre day for me as it has fully settled in. I have prolonged this move for a full year now and knew it was inevitable. I am going to miss this place so much, we will have to come back for lots of visits :). And again, am very happy to see my friends and family back home on the regular. I will adapt to another tiny town in a beautiful park very quickly I am sure. We are planning to move right before Halloween. Over the next month I will be taking a billion and one pictures of Cape Breton to capture pieces of its beauty and will truly soak in every minute I have left here.
I am actually breastfeeding little Willow in this pic, ugh I love her

Love this beach, we are always the only ones on it
So content

awww daddy!!! Why are you sniffing my ear

Ahhh that's better

Soothed by the sea annnnd her soother

We watched a great blue heron eat lunch

little cutie. I was getting my toes snipped at by a teeny crab while getting this shot :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Congratulations Nan & Shane

I am sooo sooo sooo excited for my sister in law Christana and her now FIANCE Shane!!!!! They just got engaged on September 17th and we couldn't be happier for them. Can't wait to see the rock and snuggle the happy couple in real life :) So happy for you guys and love you both a tonne. Congratulations again!! Weeeoooooh

Birthday Wishlist

Soooo..... you all are probably aware that my birthday is coming up right? Well I am sure you all have it marked down on your calendars or have some countdown going on yours phones as it's under a month away.

Living in the boondocks I have become the legging/yogapant/sweatpant matched with a plain tee queen. I put on jeans & a hoodie tonight and J sincerely said "wow, you dressed up tonight, you look nice". I laughed and said thanks but you realize I am just wearing jeans, we shared a good laugh. I often find myself dreaming of buying gorgeous little numbers I find on the internet. Damn you pinterest! I will find a cute outfit on pinterest and then scour the web to find a close match. So here is my little pretend wishlist for my Birthday. :)

Obviously a new canon lens. I would like to try a macro

I am not much of a makeup wearer but I do love lipgloss and lipstick.
Loving M.A.C'S Dazzleglass-rags to riches and Viva Glam Nicki Lip Glass and Lyche Luxe

I am soooo attracted to this skirt... come to me
Hey pretty little skirt from swell
I have been on the hunt for some gorgeous tall boots. I came across these beauts from Aldo. While on the prowl I found these adorbs moccasins....

Digging Shoemints Heather Boots too!

A pair of oxfords from Le Bunny Bleu would be nice...
Fall/Winter is well on its way so I need to start collecting some oversized knits...
Love this cardigan from Ruche

Prob need some sweater dresses while we are at it....
Adorableness from

I am absolutely in love with anything peplum. My hips definitely don't lie so this dress would be my perfect little black dress from Shopakira. Or anything peplum really
I love all blues & greens so this dress totally drew me in...
I want to vacation in you!! From She Inside

I need a classy fall/spring coat. I love the nude and black trench from Chic wish, whichever will do...

I am loving the peter pan neckline, I could def frolic in plenty fields in this sweet little number. The jumpsuit isn't frolic wear but I am sure I could find something to wear it to, as soon as I lose a bit more of this baby weight...