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Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Crisp Spring Day

Hey friends, long time no post! I have been enjoying every minute of my husband being home. It's nice living with my bestfriend again!! I also have been head deep into The Hunger Games. After hearing so many of you rant and rave about it I had to jump on the bandwagon. I don't regret it one bit :p. I read the first book in one day, the second book in an evening and am now having a hard time with the third. I am finding it a little bit slower than the first two. J & I also saw the movie the other night and we both loved it, but of course the book was better.

Today J & I went on a little walk down Middlehead with our friends Anne, Michee & of course Noah. It was not a warm day compared to what most of you lucky bums are experiencing. But the sun was out and that was good enough for us.

I have hiked this trail probably about 50 times and it doesn't ever get old.

Friday, March 23, 2012

23 Weeks Pregnant

Ugh again, sorry about the self portraits!
Size: The baby is the size of a mango and is weighing in at one whole pound!!!

Weight: I was jumping for joy when the doctor weighed me and I gained a whopping 6lbs!!!! I was waiting for a big jump and this was it. I am positive weeks from now I won't be as thrilled about gaining weight but right now I am quite proud, and the Dr. was quite pleased.This means I am up 11lbs. Pretty  average I think. I swear I am gaining all my weight in my boobs. I am ready for them to stop growing, they seem to grow weekly with the belly. I can't even imagine how huge my utters will be when the milk comes in... sigh. Oh and no one told me how dark your nipples get. OMG mine are nearly black!!

Symptoms: Nothing new here. I am loving this stage in pregnancy as I am noticeably pregnant and not just tubby. I have all of the energy I had before. Except I can walk miles on the beach but if I am walking up a hill, I am gasping for breathe.

The baby is kicking soooo much now. I got to visually see a kick a couple of days ago and it was quite freakish.

Stretch Marks: Just a couple on my hips but I am sure I had them before. I also just noticed yesterday my Linea Nigra appear. That's that dark line that grows from your pubic area to your belly button. It's very faint and hasn't made it all the way to my belly button yet. I wonder if my "sunning" my belly made it appear more because I noticed it the day after.

Cravings: Fruit & Chocolate.

How do you like my new spring/summer dress? I bought two maxi dresses at Winners the other day and I plan on buying more. Sooo comfy. I will be living in them all summer long.

If you haven't noticed I put a little poll on the top right side. Please vote girl or boy. I would love to know what your guesses are :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I Will Lead You Through This Wonderland

Tuesday's Tunes

Of Monsters & Men- Yellow Light
They remind me a lot of Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros. I only started listening to them a couple of months ago. My other faves by them are Dirty Paws & Little Talks. Check em out.

Sunday @ The Ski Hill

Unfortunately I wasn't able to give Ski Cape Smokey a go this year, I had fun visiting & listening to friends at the hill for the final day of the season. Noah was really rocking out :p

Monday, March 19, 2012

Getting green

Hope you all had a great weekend and was able to eat, drink, wear green & be merry. It's kind of fun being the sober person at outings now because it is fun to laugh at everybody else. I promised myself not to be one of those boring pregnant ladies who wants to just hibernate and stuff their faces. Well, living here there isn't much opportunity to do anything else to be honest lol. So when the opportunity arises to put on some heels and go dancing, I'm game. This St. Patrick's day I went to a girlfriends house and then  headed to our town pub for a bit. They opened for one night to get everyone out and messy. We had a lot of fun :)

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

I feel like I wasn't missing out
haha, def not

The boys rocking out

Catherine & I. I was sporting green tights too not just the lei

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Special Moments

With all of this exciting talk of pregnancy, I didn't finish off my wedding posts!! There isn't many left but I left out one of my fave parts. The dances!!

My cousin Rhianna Rae Saj sang Simple As it Should Be by Tristan Prettyman. She modified a couple of the lyrics to fit J & I better. It was perfect. I have always LOVED this song. Jon and my relationship is totally as simple as it should be. Well we seem to surround ourselves with chaos, we are always busy with something but our love is simple. We are bestfriends and we get to spend forever together. Lucky us.

And then there was the Father/Daughter dance. My dad didn't pick a song for us so I played every slow song on my ipod and could not, for the life of me, find one that was fitting. I went on youtube and by fluke found Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman. I thought it was perfect for my daddy and I, but I also knew we are both sensitive messes and this could be dangerous. I was right, we were blubbering messes. As was my brother as you will note in the background.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Good Heavens You Boys, Blue-Blooded Murder Of The English Tongue

Tuesday's Tunes

Jamie T - Sheila
Love knowing the words to this song and pretending I am a hardcore English rapper ( I only know half of the song, but still)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Relaxed At 21 Weeks

J & I had the best day, the day before he left. The moment we stepped outside the warm air instantly blanketed us and we didn't waste anytime to pack our beach bag and walk down the road to the ocean. We didn't have to walk to far to find a perfect patch of sand for us to park our bums on. I loved cuddling J and my puppies ALL DAY LONG. <3

Playing fetch

Beautiful eagle soaring past

He was patiently waiting for his beer to cool. There should be a little patch of snow all year round for this reason :p

Finally, COLD!

I am now 21 weeks, and in a couple of days I will be 22 weeks. Time is truly flying by!! I am still loving being pregnant and still loving my ridiculous ever changing body, it's soooo funny to me. I am getting some stretch marks on my hips which I knew was inevitable as I have the thinnest skin ever. I am using Bio-Oil religiously but am well prepared for many more stretch marks. However, I am sick of these spider veins take over my entire bod.

 I am also loving feeling this babe move around more and more everyday. Baby loves to dance the most at lunch time. I can also feel a lot of movement at night when I am watching tv but that's probably because I am relaxed and sitting still.

This stage of pregnancy is probably the best because I am not huge but am visibly pregnant and I have the energy to do everything I did before.

Got my winter glow on :p

I love Lily posing!

Best way to spend the day. Note- we can never keep our blanket sand-free bc of our crazy dogs

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Another beach post, sorrryyy, well not really. These photos are from two days ago at the beach in front of our house. The weather was just above 0 and the dogs, J & I were loving it!! There are so many moose around lately because its easier for them to get around in the flats. We always leave our dog off leash at the beach this time of year as we are always the only ones on the beach. Seriously, where does everyone in our town hangout? Probably only an eighth of the town works this time of year. I NEED the beach daily. This time there was a young bull moose hanging out in the woods just off the sand. Our silly dog Maple loves to tease moose and I am nervous one day she is going to get a boot. You can't get her away from the moose, she gets in this crazy state and loves to just bark and annoy the crap out of the poor animal. Thankfully this bull was so young and so calm because Mapes was being extra annoying. We learned if we just run away Maple will chase after us. It was a good learning experience.

Hey guys, hurry up!!!

We got her back on leash and walked her back to the moose to try and get her used to him

Big cutie

This one kind of reminds me of Eeyore
Hey there handsome

Lil's fave past time

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Poutine In Cheticamp

I made J drive me the 4 hours to go for some delicious poutine again :) I realize I could easily make this and save money in gas. But I promise the drive is totally worth it. That and it's fun to go to a restaurant every once and a while and not have to cook. The restaurants here don't open up until the end of May.

 We were hoping to see huge mounds of snow along North Mountain but we don't have as much snow as last year. The Cabot Trail is just as beautiful in the winter as it is the summer. It was a little foggy on the way there but cleared up for our drive home (but it was already dark by then).

Baby & I were obviously really excited for POUTINE!!

The icebergs are coming in, still waiting for those baby seals to appear on the beach

Pictures don't even do this justice. I started crying I thought it was so gorgeous