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Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Willow totally weaned herself off of breastfeeding around her first Birthday. We were only nursing at dinner and in the wee hours of the morning for the past couple of months. She just wasn't interested anymore. She would nurse for a minute max and was so distracted by everything. I am quite proud we made it this long. I remember how hard the first couple of months were. That god awful nipple shield, those cracked nips, those achy boobs.  I was seriously ready to give up. But am I ever happy I didn't, it truly is one of the most beautiful things I have ever done. Just knowing your body can provide & nourish your baby is so extraordinary.

By the second day we stopped nursing my boobs were as sore as when the milk first came in. So I gave in and let her nurse the following morning. However I only let her drink half of the supply. They didn't even hurt at all that following week! The tenderness totally disappeared. Now I have extra squishy, extra saggy dry milk bags. It's great to have my boobs all to myself again but I do miss nursing...a lot. I selfishly miss being needed, knowing I was the only one that could provide food for my sweet babe. I miss the way she would look up at me, those huge eyeballs staring up at me. I miss the quiet/alone time. I miss the extra long cuddles. I miss her playing with my hair. I miss it all.

For someone who has never been shy about their body I often felt uncomfortable breastfeeding in public. I don't know why? Good thing we always have lived in the woods ;p

Monday, July 22, 2013

Dear Willow, (12 Months)

Dear Willow,

You are one whole year old!! It's kind of a strange feeling, we feel like we have know you our entire lives but we can't believe how fast this year has passed. We have had the most amazing year watching you grow. You have brightened up so many peoples lives and are loved so so so much.

We had such a fun Birthday weekend with you! Friday (your Birthday) we watched your Auntie/Cousin sing at Folk Fest with some family members. Saturday you hung out with your Grandma Ennis as we had a wedding to go to. Sunday we had family over for a lunch and you got so very spoiled with love and presents. Monday we went to the "lake" in your mama's hometown. 

At 12 Months:

- You wear size 12month and 12-18month clothing

- Size 3 diapers

- You weight 20lbs 8ozs

- Size 3 & 4 shoes

- You weaned yourself off of nursing. You just lost interest and would get distracted easily. You nurse occasionally in the early morning when you are extra fussy.

- You still have a great appetite. You want to eat what everyone else is eating and throw quite the fit when it is not shared with you.

- You love the water. Lakes, pools and baths!

- When you smile you smile with your whole face and squint your eyes

- You get quite a kick out of crawling into and under things. I foresee a lot of fort making in our future. Sweet!

- You get around really quickly though not walking yet. You can stand on your own for a couple of seconds

- You have four teeth. Two on the top and two on the bottom. Two more are cutting through on the top right now

- You are sleeping very well right now. Even when you spend the night at Grandma & Grandpa's! You still nap twice a day as well

- You point at everything and grunt as a way of communication

- Daddy loves to put you on his shoulders and hop around.

- You love to dance

- You love animals

- You squeel and make the funniest faces when you are excited

- Daddy taught you to headbutt and bite and you think it's hilarious. Mama doesn't think it's so funny

- You say mama when you are sad and dada when you are happy

- At home you are such a mama's girl

- You love books

- You are one curious kitten

- People tell you that you look like your Dad, Grandma Ennis and Uncle Tay. And have the same facial expressions as your mommy. Quite the mix haha

Auntie/Cousin Rhi Rhi made the mistake of coming close to this ice cream monster with her dessert.

I seriously cried my face off when I saw this giant cupcake of perfection. Thank You again Ashley.

Yay! Willow's One!

Willow clearly loved it

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Two Babes

J & I had a little taste of what it would be like to have twins last week. Mind you they are 6 weeks apart, so not exactly twins, buuuut you get my drift. Finley has a pretty rad mom that was taking some uni students out in the woods for a back country camping expedition. And her daddy had to work. So Finley came to hang with us for a few days.

It was so neat to see what a difference 6 weeks makes. And my oh my what different personalities! Finley goes to daycare a couple times a week so she is used to other kiddos. Poor little Willow plays with her mom and pets all day long. So she was all over Finley, she basically mauled smooched, chased and fed Finley all week long.

I am officially ready for a second babe :p. We had so much fun playing with Finley, she is such a sweetheart. I wish Willow would have caught on to Finley's fabulous sleeping patterns. 

Yep, my kid would be the bare nudie one

Uh Oh Willow has the look of love in her eyes

It looks like Finley is about to put Willow in a choke hold. Willow was kissing her and Finley gently put her hand on her. I died

Jon looks a little overwhelmed lol

We miss you Fin!! xoxo

Happy Canada Day!!