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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Hello, I am Back!

Hey Blog & Blog Friends! Remember me? Probably not, because I win for being the worst blogger of the year. Truth is, life is busy. This whole working mom thing is exhausting and I don't even work full time. When I get Willow to bed at night I am ready to veg and be a fatty face on the couch while watching every terrible reality show known to man. On the weekends I want to just hang with my family at the beach. This is life these days. I am also in the process of growing my second babe which is tough work! My pregnancy with Willow was all lollipops and ice-cream, this preg is barf & exhaustion. But I am so so so so soooooo grateful and excited for this second pregnancy, so I try not to complain too much.

I thought the good old bloggy blog was in need of a Willow update. Because let's be honest, I don't like to talk about much else. (Yes, I am still one of those boring annoying moms)

Willow at almost 23 Months (almost two, holy poopsicle)

- She loves loves LOVES books and reads them all day long. When she is in her room I love to listen to her read stories to herself. The books always sound the same "mom-mom and diddy, diddy, diddy, mom-mom" in the most sweetest high pitched enthusiastic voice.

- Willow is trying extra hard to talk and is learning new words everyday. She is nowhere near stringing a full sentence together in english but she is an old pro in Willow language. Her fave kind of Englishy words which we hear daily are Diddy (daddy), Mom-Mom, Puh puh (Maple), Eee-EEE (Lily), Bit-Bit (Timbit), Peas (please), Dank ew (thank you), uh you (love you), BinkYYYYY, Ducky, eeeeel (eagle), Bo (boat), Pish (Gold Fish) elp (help) up 
- She is extremely affectionate. She is a great snuggler and smoocher

- walking is overrated, she runs everywhere

- still loves music and dancing 

- She absolutely despises anything on her legs. Getting her to wear pants is a HUGE struggle. I only let her wear her gowns on the weekend and she is obviously happiest then. If she isn't wearing a dress she wants to be bare nudie.

- Still a great eater, she will eat just straight up spinach for a snack. I hope this holds up... forever

-Pink Pink Pink everything must be pink

- The kid loves water and is happiest at the beach. As soon as she sees the ocean she squeals with delight and runs in no matter how cold it is outside.

- Our little Willow is stubborn as hell. Temper tantrums are more frequent.

-Lip chap is this girls best friend.

- She goes to bed so well and will sometimes run to her crib on her own when she is ready for bed

- She isn't a huge toy fan just yet. She likes to put her little people princesses in a little jeep and take them for cruises. And she loves her new Mermaid. But put this kid outside and she is happiest playing with pinecones, rocks, sand, slugs, ants, dirt, crabs & flowers.

- She is wearing size 4 & 5 shoes. 18-24 month and 2t clothes.

- She is still in diapers. Some days she is great on the potty and other days not so much. She will usually tell us when she has to do a poop.

- As soon as she wakes up she has to put on her tiara.

Willow is such a happy funny little girl. She makes us smile all day long. Her enthusiasm is contagious. When I look at her my heart honestly bursts, I just love her so much!!!

Sorry for the photo overload, they are all similar but I love them all!