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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Dear Sawyer, (9 months)

Dear Sawyer,

We didn't do too many things out of the ordinary this past month. You are getting so quick at crawling that you can almost keep up with Jack...almost. 

- you have four teeth and and are sprouting a fifth.

- you wear anything from 12-18month to 2t clothing

- size four diapers

- you have developed quite the personality this past month. You laugh and fake laugh at everything.

- your sister and your mom are HILARIOUS

- you love books

- you are so charming and know how to put it on

- your newest party trick is to stick your tongue out. 

- you love dancing as much as your sister

- you are such a boy. You are always smashing & destroying everything that comes your way

- you give big sloppy open mouthed kisses 

- you are pretty proud when you clap or high five. 

- you loooove cuddling. Biggest snuggle bug ever.

- you pull yourself up on everything. You try so hard to walk and keep up with your sis but you fall flat on your face.

- when you nurse laying down you use me as a jungle gym

Photo By Hobbs Photography