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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Social Butterfly

Waiting to meet up with Grandpa

Grandpa's here! Let's go for a swing

Well that was fun! Let's go and see daddy and the horses now

 Yay! Uncle Bert & Auntie/Cousin Rhi Rhi are out for a visit

Aw, a cute little bambi and it's mama

 Ahhh, finally home and totally tuckered out

That Willow is one social butterfly!!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Great Grandpas Birthday & Fathers Day

The family and I headed out to Saskatoon last weekend to celebrate Jon's Grandpa's 87th Birthday and Father's Day.

Willows Great Grandpa Henry lives in a beautiful retirement home. Fully equipped with a games room and a fabulously warm pool. The pool was so warm Willow was so relaxed in there, she looked like a zombie for most of the time she was in.

 We had a fabulous visit and celebration for Great Grandpa Henry's Birthday! So nice that many family members were able to make it!

A big thank you to Denis & Julie for letting us take over their home for the weekend! And thank you Jesse and Anna for being such a big help with Willow. xoxo

Friday, June 21, 2013

Willows Wishlist

This post is for all of you friends and family asking me what Willow would like for her first Birthday. We had a good chat about it and these are the items which she has decided on ;)

Willow needs 12-18month & 18-24 month jammies.
You can find these anywhere! 

This kid has a closet FILLED with clothes. We are all set for the rest of summer but she needs some fall/wintery clothes size 18-24months even some 2T.

I am currently obsessing over The Minette clothing over at Minette and Milo. I love everything!! (I personally have never bought from here)

Or a little Vindie Baby. I seriously love all of their stuff. The sizes are mostly still a little big for Willow but that is a-o.k. (I have never bought from here either)

 Beach Toys
Bath Toys
Mega Blocks
Wooden Building Blocks
Play Instruments
Arts & Crafts goodies

 Willow LOVES books and she LOVES animals. She already has quite the book collection but in my mind you can never have enough :)

 Willow needs a helmet (she is her fathers daughter). We have been eyeing up the Nutcase Little Nutty Helmet from MEC.

 If any of you are feeling adventurous and wanting to get creative. Or if any of you want to offer to help me make one. I have been drooling over all of these fun teepee photos out here in blogland. Such a fun fort!!

Feel free to throw in the horse as well. I found this teepee here

I have been having fun pinning all of my favourite finds here
These are all just suggestions. I am sure Willow would find a box even more fun!!


Thursday, June 20, 2013


At the end of the day Willow & I are pooped these days, so much fresh air goodness. We have a pretty sweet routine going on. We laaaaze around all morning. Willow gets her nap in and I get my shower and tidy up the house in. We eat lunch and then we are out the door. We either play outside in our "fort" and then go for a walk. Or go play on the swings and visit the horses and then head to the beach. We like to spend most of our evenings at the beach with daddy and the dogs. And then our day is done! Life is pretty good :)