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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


So we have narrowed it down to four wedding photographers in our area. We are having the worst time deciding who to choose. They are all in the $3-$4000 range. We will absolutely not go over four. Tell us who you think we should go for:
John Ratchford, Brad Sampson, Michelle Campbell, or Scott Mcintyre

I really fell in love with Alex MacAulay but we are waiting to see what we would have to pay for travel costs from Halifax. J and I are the worst for this stuff as we are both so indecisive.

I was able to make one easy fabulous decision today. I ordered the girls in my wedding party some beautiful cuffs from Etsy's Plume Delight. We have decided to go with a Peacock theme :)

Girls dresses and flower belt from smart set.

And  fabulous cuffs!

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