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Thursday, August 28, 2014

24 Weeks Pregnant

Size: Baby boy is the size of an ear of corn. I am as big as a cow. Seriously, this baby seems way bigger than baby Willow. Maybe it's because I am all stretched out still from my first but me oh my am I feeling like a tank these days.

Symptoms: I don't have as many broken blood vessels as last time. They are mostly on my chest this time. 

My boobs are large, no they are ginormous! They just keep getting bigger with my belly. I can't imagine what they will be like when the milk comes in, oh Lordy. 

My ankles are sore this time. I think I need to retire my sandals and trade them in for a good supportive shoe since I am on my feet all day.

Movement: this guy is a little busy body. I don't know if he ever stops moving. Does this mean I am going to have a wild little guy? He is so strong and I can see his kicks and punches already. 

Stretch Marks: no newbies 

Mood: I am feeling good these days. Have an off day every now and again, but who doesn't 

It felt soooo good to be at the lake on a gorgeous day and at one my new most favourite places. Sproat lake is so clear and warm, and it feels extra fabulous to feel weightless in it!

Well folks here is what dreams are made of.... A super hot babe in a bikini 🙈

Monday, August 25, 2014

21 Weeks (gender reveal)

 So blogging hasn't been fun for me lately because our internet is awfully slow and I just end up getting mad when it takes me a half hour to upload one photo. I also haven't figured out how to manage my photos on my MacBook. I end up getting frustrated and locking it up in the closet for a month at a time. I am waitng for my patience to come back and it's just not showing any signs of returning as of late. Anywho, let's get to the good stuff!!!

It's been two whole weeks since we found out the gender of our babe. We went in for our ultra sound so anxious to find out the sex of our second babe and our poker faced technician wouldn't give us any hints at all. She said we would have to talk to our doc and see if she would tell us. I knew my doctor would tell us because she was so excited we were going to find out this round. She left her first a surprise and the second babe she found out too!  So we just enjoyed watching our babe bounce around. The baby was so very active, doing some high kicks, using both hands to try to feel out its surroundings. It was sooooo great. Poor little Willow wasn't too sure what was going on though. And that morning when I told her she would get to see our baby she said " noooo mommies baby nooooooo!!". Hahaha she will be the best big sister when the time comes though, I know it! 

Cuuuuute eh!? 

As soon as we left the appointment I called my doctors office and wouldn't you know it, my doc was out of town until the next week. I tried not to sound disappointed on the phone but the receptionist assured me she would get the doctor to call me as soon as possible. I figured I gueesssss I could wait another weekend. Well I didn't have to because they called the very next day! Yipeeeee!!!

We were on our favourite beach playing with all of the velella velellas that have washed up on shore when we heard the news. Jon and I were smiling ear to ear! So excited to have a little guy to join our clan. 

We love our little boy soooo much already and are just so excited to meet him!!