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Thursday, February 17, 2011


Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls..... I FOUND THE ONE!!!! I couldn't stop smiling or twirling for the life of me. It's very modern, charming, playful and romantic. Finally it's my turn to have all of those butterflies dance around in my tummy. Now I only have to wait 198 days until I can get married in this beauty. And no it's not one of the four dresses down below, I hadn't tried on anything like it before. I walked in and was immediately drawn towards her. It was kind of tough wearing it and not having any family or friends see me glow in it (nobody lives in Halifax except for Aunt Rosie and she was working) but it will just be that much more of a surprise on my wedding day!!!

So now the hunt is on for a social dress, shoes and accessories!! Ohh and we still need a photographer and officient.

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  1. Amazing! I can``t wait to see you in that beautiful dress! This blog is amazing, you are so creative! I love that I can keep up-to-date on your life! BBM jus isnt enough for me! Love love love you xo


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