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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Home Sweet Lilith!

We are happy to finally be back on Cape Breton Island! We were finally able to change out of our clothes we have been wearing for 2 weeks as well as receive warms cuddles from our little Lily. She hasn't left my side yet... sweet little thing.

One of the beautiful things about living in a small community is that everyone treats you like family.One of the paramedics who lives in our area took our car keys for us and drove our car back home. Our dear friends Anne-Claude and Michee took care of our Lily and shoveled our front porch, steps and around our car. J's boss would come and check out our house for us and help with the shoveling as well. Anne had also contacted a local snow removal guy and he has been clearing our driveway at no cost after every snowfall. We definitely wouldn't have gotten through this traumatic experience if it wasn't for J's Uncle and Aunt. They treated so well! Fed us, comforted us, and made us feel at home. We are so so so lucky to have all of these people and our friends and family back home supporting us.

Uncle and Aunt drove us all the way home

Post office with a mound of snow

Making a pee/poop path for Lil

J can't do any shoveling so I must do the dirty work :p

I kept sinking

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