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Saturday, April 28, 2012

28 Weeks

Vicki & I

I can't even believe I am in my third trimester already!!

Size: Baby is in equal weight to a chinese cabbage, about 2 1/4lbs and is approx 15 inches long.

Symptoms: I find I am getting tired more quickly, bed time is getting earlier and earlier again. I still have lots of energy as long as I have at least 8-9 hours of sleep a night. That is the one thing I am not looking forward to giving up :p.

Movement: Baby loves to wake me. Sometimes the movements will be so strong I actually am startled when I wake. It's the creepiest thing to watch your belly move like a wave! Sometimes the baby will stick what I think is its butt right out. My belly will get really huge and hard in one spot and than it will give me nice little rib poke with its feet.

Maternity Clothes: Still mostly living in leggings. Bought a couple of new sundresses that I can't wait to wear . Commmeeee onnn summer!!

Sleep: I haven't had to to get up to pee at all this week, what the? The only thing that wakes me now is the baby moving around. I started sleeping with a pillow and my back and hips feel much better, thanks for the recommendation friends :D

J & I finally bought a car seat and crib. We haven't started the nursery at all. J is back this week so I think we will give the room a nice new fresh coat of paint and start organizing. We don't have much stuff to fill it with and last week I kind of had a panic attack about how ill prepared we are. Everything will come together soon enough (I hope)

Saturday, April 21, 2012


We had the entire beach to ourselves

So J & I are going to be spending the summer here on Cape Breton Island with our little newborn!!! Yay for us, but sad for family and friends back home who won't get to see the little gaffer as often as they would like. But believe you me there will be pictures and videos galore and many many skype dates. Unfortunately our housing situation in Manitoba is a no go until at least fall. I can't wait for it to warm up so I can spend everyday lounging at the beach. Yes, I go for my beach walks everyday, but it's not warm enough to spend the entire day lounging there.

The other day it was pretty windy in my little village so I was going to just stick around here. I was bummed because I had it in my head I was going to go to my fave beach. I thought screw it, I will just bundle up and give it a go. I drove the 40 minute drive and when I got there I was pleasantly surprised by how gorgeous it was out. I stripped down and spent a good 5 hours playing with my dogs and relaxing. I kept imagining J, our newborn, and the dogs living in our own little utopia.

It's crazy what a curve ball life has taken me on. I am totally loving the ride. But seriously, me, Jenna, a housewife and soon to be mom loving life in the middle of nowhere. Who woulda thunk it? Not me!!

Here are some pics of my fab day with my doggies. I ended up coming home to a crab feast. My neighbours caught and cooked me up some fresh crab legs and boy oh boy were they delish! Wish J was here to have enjoyed them with me.
A Piping Plover

haha yep, they have the WORST lives

The gulls just chillin' on a sandbar

Friday, April 20, 2012

27 Weeks

Ladies & Gentleman, Boys & Girls... I am HUGE! I feel like Homer Simpson most days

Size: Baby is the size of a head of caulifower, weighing in at almost 2lbs. About 14 1/2 inches long.

Weight: I gained  8lbs since my last appointment! I knew it was going to be close to 10 lbs because I feel like I have gotten massive. Well I have. My total weight gain to date is 19lbs.

Symptoms: Sore back, stuffy nose, vivid dreams, itchy belly. My boobs are getting sore again and omg so veiny and huge. I wouldn't mind if my nipples stopped growing too, that would be sweet.  My hair has grown like mad these past few months, I likey. Still have a tonne of energy, love my kitchen dance parties and daily walks with my doggies.

Movement: This babe is getting so strong! The movements definitely don't go unnoticed anymore.

Maternity Clothes: Finding clothes that fit is getting hard. My gf just borrowed me 3 pairs of maternity pants that fit so nicely. Can't wait to wear summer dresses everyday. Also now that it's getting nicer I can wear sandals and flats. This means no bending down to try and tie up laces. Score!

Sleep: Major backaches, I toss and turn quite a bit too. I am starting to have to get up to pee in the middle of the night. Can't believe I made it this long. As much as I am pumped to have this babe, I am enjoying every bit of rest I can get now. I can nap whenever I want, go to sleep whenever I want, I have freedom. Totally soaking every bit of it up.

I obviously love talking everything baby lately. I love going to the "big city" and have people ask me how far along I am. I love people rubbing my belly (even strangers). I love being pregnant :D

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Playing House

J & I got to play mommy & daddy for the night. If you read my blog on the regular you probably feel like you know my sweet little friend Noah. I am totally obsessed with him and I think he likes me a lot too :p. He is always putting the charm on and giving me sweet smiles.

He was an absolute dream as expected. He fussed for a total of ten minutes and it was because I couldn't heat his bottle fast enough. J got to change his first diaper, actually he volunteered to do all of the diaper changes. I hope he continues such enthusiasm when we have our own little bundle. hahah something tells me the "novelty" will wear off quickly.

He was smooched thousands of times

Noahs mom & dad were at a party so we J & I just spent the night at his house. In the morning they fed us some delicious crepes, we lounged around and then went for a walk.

I flashed them my big belly
Anouk is loving life

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I'll wash it down with a simple sip of wine

Tuesdays Tunes

People always ask me where I find my music. I am a huge dork and can spend hours on youtube. I will look up a song I love and look at the related videos. I am pretty sure it was Soja helped me find Trevor Hall a couple of years back. My love for him was sparked again when a fb friend posted a video of him. He has about 9 or 10 albums and all of them are  so good & different. 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

26 Weeks

I am theeeeeeeeeeee WORST  self portrait taker. My face gets all awkward waiting for the timer to go off and I always end up cutting my head off. Anywho, baby turned 26 weeks a couple of days ago! Time has been flying by, it feels like last month I just peed on the stick.

Size- Baby weighs approx 1 2/3lbs and is the size of an English hothouse cucumber.

Symptoms- Sore back after going for walks and in the morning when I wake. I don't get out of breathe when just walking but if there is a little bit of incline I definitely notice a shortness in breath.

Movement- Baby is moving like CrAzY. I can count on babe to boot me for a good half hour around 10am every morning. And then periodically through out the day & night. I was cuddling my little dog Lily, and the babe started kicking her. Lil wasn't to pleased and was growling at my belly, it was too funny.

Maternity Clothes- I am so looking forward to it getting warm so I can wear maxi-dresses every day. Women say summer is the worst to be pregnant but I think it would be so much easier to slip on a comfy dress everyday. Good thing I live in the boonies and pj/sweat pants are quite acceptable for daily wear.

Sleep-Still haven't gotten up once in the night for a pee break. I have been waking a little bit through out the night to stretch out my back, but other than that no complaints here.

Cravings- Everyday I have to have a toasted bagel with cream cheese and red pepper jelly on top. Loving apple and cheese crepes too. Chocolate Milk is my fave drink right now. I hate white milk so at least I know I am getting some of my calcium from my choco milk.

If you look past all of the freckles and moles on my arms, you'll notice the big red dots that seem to have taken over my body this pregnancy. They are the worst on my chest

haha awkward

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Sprocket, Catherines dog

Cat, taking it all in
They are always finding disgusting hidden treasures in the seaweed

I am so so so soooo ready for summer. Yesterday we got a little taste of some beautiful sunshine and it has me aching for more.

Speaking of summer, a lot of you have been asking me where we are going to be having this baby. The thing is.. we don't know just yet. It all depends how J's housing meeting goes on Monday. If all is a go I will be moving back with J to Manitoba very shortly. I am not supposed to travel in my eighth month and I am already six months. If there is no housing available for us I will be staying out here and J will move back here end of June with me and be off for his 9 month paternity. We then will have more time to wait patiently for houses to pop up in Manitoba.I guess I should explain to those of you who don't know our situation. J got a transfer back to my home province. He accepted the position because out here he was only working 9 months and a full time position popped up in Riding. He started working there in January. I was planning on moving to MB as soon as we found a place to live out there but nothing has come up. We only want to rent as it's a very slow market in Cape Breton and our house hasn't sold here. Two mortgages would not be fun. So the wait continues.

People from back home are always asking me how I manage to live out here by myself. Well, read the title of my blog haha jj. It really isn't so bad, I love this place. Yes, I am pregnant and getting bigger by the second, but I can still  do everything I did pre-pregnancy. If I get tired from being on my feet for to long I have a nap. Simple as that. J leaves for only two weeks at a time and then comes back for two weeks. The first week he leaves is wonderful. I have the whole house to myself, I do as I please. I get the whole bed to myself & I don't feel bad for sleeping in. When the second week quickly rolls around I start to miss J a lot. But then I just hang out with friends, spend more time at the beach and read more books and than he is back! J & I are so pathetic we even watch tv on the phone together.

So don't feel bad for me, it's J that has to do all of the traveling, work, and running around. Sure I live in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE, but I have a great support system out here which helps keep me sane. Obviously, I would love to live with my husband full time, but right now that's just not in the cards. We will be one big happy family spending every minute together really soon :) Life is gooooood

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Good Things

Three of my fave things are sushi, babies, & friends. We combined the three all in one night, uhhhmm the BEST! I have to admit, I am the worst sushi roller ever, J is pretty darn good I must say. I think I need to buy a kit so he can make sushi for me every time he comes home.

These pictures are prime examples of why I am not overly excited to move.Two of our friends just had babies in January & March. It would be really fun to be beach bums with them this summer :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

25 Weeks

Technically I am closer to 26 weeks but I seem to always do my posts mid week :p

Size- Baby weighs  approx the same size as a rutabaga, 1 1/2lbs & is 13 1/2 inches long.

Symptoms- Stuffy nose in the mornings, occasional nose bleeds. My dreams are still so vivid and crazy, sometimes good crazy and sometimes just crazy crazy.

Movement: J got to see the baby move all week long and he thinks that's the neatest thing. The babe loves to dance all of the time just like me :). Whenever the babe is doing a full on swing I try to get J to catch it but baby LOVES to be stubborn and stop moving as soon as J puts his hand on my belly. J has felt the teeny tiny movements but not the full on kicks yet.

Stretch Marks- None yet. Just very itchy and applying Bio-Oil constantly.

Mood- Happy :D

Belly Button- My belly button is HUGE. I always had a a tiny slit for a button and now its a gaping hole. I definitely won't have an outtie as my belly button is so deep. The hole wear my piercing was looks really big and gross too.

Maternity Clothes- I am wearing leggings most of the time, they are a life saver. I have one pair of maternity jeans that I wear on occasion. I put on a t-shirt the other day and I can definitely say I can't sport a size small any longer. I looked like Homer Simpson. My belly kept poking out of the bottom. Hilarious but not very attractive lol.

Sleep- I still sleep throughout the whole night without having to get up for a pee! Impressive? I think so. When I wake in the morning my back is always aching though. This is a constant ache, but I find it to be worse in the mornings.

A few of you have asked if we know what we are having. We don't. We both have our ideas but there has been no official confirmation of the gender. We will have the good old fashioned surprise. It's killing me though, because I want to know for sure so I can go crazy buying things. Everything is so gender orientated which makes shopping a little bit harder. 

I am ready for my boobs to stop growing. They are seriously becoming ridiculous and make me feel even more fat! I am dreading when the milk comes in because I just know they will be bigger than massive.

Other than hating my boobs, I am still loving being pregnant :) I am thinking more and more about what this sweet little babe is going to look like and what kind of character is growing in there. Oooooh I can't wait to meet this little babe!!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Getting Felt Up At A Sushi Restaurant

Yesterday, J & I went to eat at our my favourite place in the whole wide world right now!!! Sushi has been my number one craving besides fruit and chocolate. I guess living so far away from restaurants makes it that much more special when I do get to devour my fave food.

When we walked in the server told us there would be a bit of a wait as they needed to prepare more rice and her hubby had to go pick up the kids. That was no problem for us as we have all the time in the world. So J & I had just received our app when a little girl from two tables over came up to us. She was totally fixated on something on my shirt (or so I thought) she then proceeds to start rubbing my boobs. LoL soooo random. So I am looking at the server waiting for her to say something as I thought it was her kid and she says "uhhhm (name of kid) don't think you should ask her her name first?" hahah I was looking for a little more like stop doing that! So I said ok that's enough please stop, while killing myself laughing at the situation. Her aunties finally noticed what she was doing after a few minutes of vigorous boob rubbing and called her over. They asked her what she was doing and she replied "Rubbing Jennas boobs". Omg I could have died. I kept on saying to J did that seriously just happen??! So we finally get our food and this boob obsessed 6 year old comes back to the table for another rub. Than she notices my belly and starts asking me about it. How does the baby eat? Is the baby eating now? You could have a boy in there? I thought that part was pretty cute but than she lifts up my shirt in the restaurant. So I quickly put it down and than she starts rubbing my boobs again. I obviously didn't want to be forceful with the little one but I kept pushing her hands away lol. At one point I looked over at J and he had the most awkward look on his face, which makes me die laughing just thinking about it. Finally her aunties call her back over and they apologized and were thankful I was so easy going.

Finally the family was on their way out the door when the girl made a quick pit stop for a final rub down. The grandma grabbed her arm and made he apologize to me and than they were gone.

Seriously, I am cursed with having weird/random things happen to me. If I didn't have proof or witnesses I swear people would think I was a psychotic weirdo liar. lol!! Maybe I should write a book, I could easily fill a couple hundred pages. I would call it "The Weird Shit That Happens To Me" very clever I know

P.S Going to a friends place to have a sushi making party tonight. Yummmm

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Running Free We Knew We Were LuckyTo Be Running Free Living Life In Paradise

Tuesdays Tunes

Those of you that know me in real life know that I LOVE to reminisce about when I lived on Oahu, Hawaii. The beaches, the people, and the experiences. What made Hawaii soo special to me was the people I met. I was so blessed to make lifelong friends and even friends I would call my best friends. One of my best friends Shestin (who lives in Maui) sent me a message a couple of weeks ago telling me to check out this song. He told me it reminded him of Katie (who lives in Ohio) and I's friendship. I thought it was really sweet that he was thinking of me and my other best friend. And then when I looked the song up I was in tears. It's like the song was written about our friendship. I miss all of my Hawaii friends especially my two besties. xoxoxoxo

Sunday, April 1, 2012

24 Weeks

Size: Baby is the length of an ear of corn & has gained a 1/4 pound since last week.

Symptoms: Still have nose bleeds and a stuffy nose pretty much every morning.
My face keeps acquiring more and more spider veins. Eeek I hope they go away. Other than that I am feeling great. I don't even feel pregnant however I am looking very very pregnant!

Movement: Baby is getting bigger and stronger. Feeling more kicks every day. I don't like it when baby likes to dance on my cervix, it seems that's the babes favourite spot to torture momma :p. It doesn't hurt it's just a little uncomfortable.

Stretch Marks: Not yet!

Cravings: I am starting to think this cravings thing is a myth. I don't have any whacky cravings.Still loving my fruit and chocolate.

Mood: Easily excitable! I am in good spirits everyday

I love being pregnant. I am having the easiest pregnancy so far. The beginning was not fun and scary most times but that has passed and am feeling awesome. I still find lots of humour in my body continuously changing shape, so is J. I am so looking forward to meeting this little person outside the womb. J & I were talking about how much of a show boat this little one will be as when we were younger we both loved being the center of attention.