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Monday, October 31, 2011

Honeymoon Part Three!

The two nights we spent at our friends place in Blooming Point were phenomenal. We absolutely love the Campbell/Lanigans :) They took us too Greenwich, Cambridge, Panmere Island, Montague, and drove through many other small towns along the way.I especially loved going through Kathy's old town, it's too charming. It was so cute how she was related to every single person who resides there and in the surrounding area. Neil (Kathy's father) was obviously the highlight! We finished the day off at Doug's parents house with some tea and cinnamon rolls. Dougs parents are the sweetest as well!!! Thanks for the great time.

Doug & Aidan

Jon & Bella

Neil & Kathy

Neils old truck Charlie

Neil built this iconic house as he built many of the houses in the area. Love that man!

Honeymoon Part Two

One of the days wasn't the most ideal for sightseeing, so after breakfast at the Shipwright Inn we went right back up to our room. We grabbed some blueberry tea and played scrabble all morning in bed. It was perfection.When I kicked J's bum not once but twice :p we were on our to explore Cavendish. It was hilarious as we couldn't sight see too much because we couldn't see a thing as it was a torrential down pour. That was really our only day of bad weather. The rest was fabulous :)

Sunday, October 30, 2011


We went to the good old legion dance last night and wow can Ingonish ever put on a Halloween party. Every single person there was dressed up in amazing costumes. I didn't bring my camera because I don't have the greatest track record... dressing up and booze equals sloppy mess. We had sooooo much fun. They gave out around 8 prizes for different categories. I am not sure what category I was under but I won a beautiful picture of the landscape around here and a frame. So wicked
Here are some pics from the beginning of the night.

Friday, October 28, 2011

drama queen

Being sick, drinking tea, listening to sappy slow songs, & cuddling my pets has forced me to think about         "the MOVE". I am going to go on a major ramble sesh so brace yourselves.

J & I have been arguing soooo much. Well the J&J argument typically lasts 5-10 minutes and then we make up 5 minutes later. But we do these little upsets about three times a day. Somedays only once but we generally like to give it a go three times in a 24 hour span. Sad, right? We are newlyweds we are supposed to not be able to keep our hands off one another and have stupid blissful look on our faces. We are totally in love and happy but this move is draining us.

J accepted the position in Riding Mountain National Park. I am not the least bit happy about this. It's totally amazing that we will be close by to our families and friends but I have lived in MB for 23 years of my life and I'm over it. Ideally we wanted to end up back there later in life, but not while we are young. I am so fearful of being stuck. J jumped on the idea of moving to Manitoba because right now living in Cape Breton they can only offer him seasonal employment which is nine months. Manitoba is 12 months. You can see how this would benefit us financially. But the thing is we are not struggling out here. We had an extremely expensive year this year. With our wedding & friends and families weddings. We weren't being careful with our money at all, and we still made it by. J just feels alot of pressure as he is the sole provider. I get that, I hate that I'm totally dependent on J. If I could work year round I totally would, it's just that we are living in a very remote community. One of the MANY perks of marrying J is that I get to be the gypsy lady I always yearned to be.  I can't wait to explore Canada with him. I realize I am treating our move like it's the end of the world (and it's totally not) but I just really didn't picture living there anytime soon. Here were my thoughts before J applied for the transfer....

 We hang out in the beautiful place we call home with our sweet little babes for a couple of years. Explore every inch of this place, and then we move to somewhere totally different like Iqaluit, Yukon, or Gwaii Haanas. Bank some cash and THEEEEENN move back to Manitoba. Raise our kids there. Then who knows?

See, I had it all planned out! Maybe it's just the control freak coming out of me and hating the fact my life plans have suddenly been reversed on me. I wish he didn't apply for MB and only applied for the other much "cooler" year round positions. Ugh and the thought of another move so soon is painful to me. We just moved half way across Canada only a year ago.

Truthfully, I am happiest here. I love our simple life. I absolutely love the landscape. One wiff of that ocean makes everything so perfect again. The rolling mountains in my backyard. I love our house, I love that we are a two minutes walk away from a gorgeous beach and we have a forest right beside us with a beautiful brook flowing through it. I love MOST of our neighbours haha. I really love the people here. Right away, J & I felt apart of the community. I have always had a problem with people being catty towards me and not once have I ever felt that. The Maritimes has showed me nothing but the best.

I am mostly happy in Manitoba too. We have our family close by. I have the best friends in the world and many of them live in MB. Riding Mountain is one of the prettier spots in MB, it's not as remote as living out here. I will make the best of it. I am just finding it really hard to get in the mind set that we are actually moving and J isn't going to change his mind. Once we find a place we are both interested in I am sure I will get excited. J will be moving in December. I am going to MB for a bit for my bffs wedding and then probably coming back here? It's hard to say because I doubt we will find a place in a month. We have to think about where we would put EVERYTHING we own. I don't want to put it all in storage somewhere that would be a pain. We also have 3 pets to travel with as well. So much to do.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Honeymooning Part One

Part 1
J and I had an absolute fabulous time on our trip to Prince Edward Island. We spent our first night in Summerside, two nights at an amazing B&B in Charlottetown, and two nights at our friends place in Blooming Point. PEI is such a beautiful province. The beaches are pristine, the houses are all so well kept and gorgeous, lots of horses, friendly people, bluejays, and abandoned homes. I took so many pretty pictures that I want to share with you so I'll split it up into three parts.

On the Ferry, this girl just adored J. So cute!

The first sight you see from the Ferry

The amazing Confederation Bridge

The colours are so pretty in the fall

This was my first time staying in a B&B. We loved it so much we decided to stay a second night. We stayed at the Shipwright Inn. If you ever visit P.E.I you must check this place out. It's so close to everything! The breakfast in the morning is a four course meal and the staff are great.

We stayed in the Captains Quarters. The room was clean and absolutley adorable.

The restaurants in Charlottetown are great. That night we ate at Churchill arms with Doug, Kathy, and Victoria. It was two for one curry. The place was packed and I can see why, the food was amazing as was the price

Strange as you are to me

It's one of those days where you got the shakes, you can't stand without getting dizzy, your nose aches it's so filled with boogs, and you're throat aches for more tea. I am making the best of it by listening to my favourite songs of the week and downing gallons of this weeks tea addiction.

Meet Mother's Little Helper from Davids Tea. As tasteless as my buds are I can still taste a bit of that peppermint. Everything about this tea begs to be enjoyed. The loose buds are beautiful and when you steep it, it turns into this beautiful rose colour. This tea is meant to be shared. Try it :)

As for music, I am currently obsessing over a couple tunes this week.
I have always loved Sia. This song makes me wish I had the energy to do my arm sway dance with a couple of heart pounds. I got the whiny face down perfect. Ugh just imagine a ballerina dancing to this, perfection.

Miike Snow always perks me up. I always have to shake my hips and do hand flicks to this song :)

Iron & Wine is always my go to. I love every single one of there songs. Currently lusting over In my Lady's house. It goes perfect with a woodstove, a stormy night, a glass of wine and your love.

And of course Paradise from the new Coldplay album. It's going to be overplayed soooo soon so I am enjoying it before I am totally sick of it. Para Para Paradise.. Brilliant

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


"Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it." – Mean Girls

I got the memo too late

Cat & I - Keltic Staff Party 2011

Earls Staff Party

B & B's Engagement Party where J told me he was into me :p

Good Old Fashioned Argyle Social. I was Captain Underpants by the way

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Season Finale

Now that I am laid off for the season, I am going to be a blogging machine! I had another amazing season at the Keltic Lodge Resort and Spa with some extraordinary people. We had a couple of really fun work parties to celebrate this.

Dinner and Drinks @ Coastal Waters and Mina's.

The Wannabe Golf Tourney @ Highland Links Golf Course

Cheers to a great season! I will miss you all xo