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Friday, July 17, 2015

Dear Sawyer, (6 Months)

Dear Sawyer,

You are half a year old! I don't know what has happened this past month but you have made the switch from sloth boy to wild child. You are showing your true boyish colours these days and want to attack and get into everything.

- You are 21 lbs 4 ozs

- Size 4 diapers

- Wearing 12 month clothes

- Everyone always over guesses your age

- You love a good cuddle

- You are obsessed with your big sis and watch everything she does

- You are shy and bashful. You aren't a huge fan of big groups of people

- You love your jolly jumper

- You aren't all that interested in other babies just yet, only their toys

- You generally wake up once in the night and have two naps a day.

- you still only have two teeth

- We tried you on cereal and you get really mad if we don't feed you fast enough

- You can sit up on your own and roll around everywhere