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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Puppies!!!! I fully realize that getting another dog soon is absolutely ridiculous but I can't resist. I NEED another one so bad. I have this sick addiction of looking up dogs any spare moment I have and yes I have a lot of free time. I have weighed out the pros and cons in my head so many times and there are a lot of cons but I only like to focus on the pros. :D

  • I won't have to feel like I'm trapped in my own home as Lily and I are walking bait for all of the animals that frequent our area. With a bigger dog I will be a lot more confident when I walk down the road or play in my yard. 
  • Lily has a friend to play with.
  • I have plenty of time to train the new addition
  • When I start work the dogs will only be home alone a few hours in the day because of our work schedules.
  • I love dogs
  • We have a busy year ahead of us. A trip back home, weddings out of town and our own wedding. I will also start working again end of May.
  • A big dog equals a lot of dog food, a crate, leash, harness, toys, and vet bills.
  • At least a month of sleepless nights.
  • Even though J seems fully recovered he still needs rest. I can sleep in another room until he's all better :)
The first three are the 7 week old husky/shepherd mixes and the last one is a 6 month golden retriever/golden lab mix. How could you resist/pick?!?!
little girl

little girl

little boy
little girl

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