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Monday, February 27, 2012

I Get Lost In The Blue Of This Lazy Afternoon

One of my favourite bands THE WHITE BUFFALO  has a new album coming out tomorrow and I am beyond excited!!! Check out this little teaser...

Sleepy Little Town-White Buffalo on Nowness

Do you not love it? If you're not sold or you love it as much as me check this one out.

I love this man.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

19 Weeks Pregnant

Sorry about the following pictures, my short fuse couldn't handle my blurry self portraits. :p

Size: The size of the baby is 6 inches long. The size of me is large :) My belly has definitely "popped".

Weight: I was feeling a little nervous to hop on that scale at the doctors yesterday. And it turns out I only gained 1/2 a pound since my last appointment. I was quite shocked because I feel like I have gained at least 20lbs. All together I am up 5lbs.

Babies Heartbeat: 150bpm. The same as my last appointment.

Sleep: Sleep is a little bit uncomfortable for me now. I have some pretty nasty lower back pain which drives me bonkers.

Symptoms: I have never had acne before and now I am sprouting some pimples. I got a prescription for some acne medication. I also bought my first bottle of foundation. Now to learn how to use it properly is the tricky part. :p My red dots (spider veins) have taken over my body, especially my chest. The doctor says they will hopefully diminish after pregnancy.

I felt actual kicks the other day. It was quite freakish and awesome. It was four good kicks. I was hoping for more, but baby just wanted to say a quick hello

Cravings: I got my sushi fix yesterday :) I am still loving fruit. I wake up and dash right to the fridge for the juiciest fruit I can find. I never really loved sour things as I am more of a salty gal, but sourpatch kids are tasting gooooood lately. I also love popsicles, icream & chocolate.

I have been feeling great this past week. I am really looking forward to my ultrasound appointment next week. J still has not heard the heartbeat. So this appointment will be extra special for him!!!!

I am just loving being pregnant! Sure it can be uncomfortable, scary, and annoying at times but I am always so grateful J & I were given this gift. I am so wowed but what the womans body can do. Life is a pretty amazing thing. Uh Oh I am getting sappy.

Monday, February 20, 2012

18 Weeks

A couple of days ago I went for a walk with my girlfriend Catherine and her son Xzander. We knew the weather was warm but as soon as we got down to the beach we had to shed some layers.

18 weeks already?!? What the? This pregnancy is flying by.

Size: The baby is about the size of a pickle. I don't get why everyone talks about pregnant women craving pickles. I always have been a regular pickle eater (get your mind out the gutter) so I guess I don't notice any difference. I def don't want to eat pickles and  Seperately, yes

Moods: Ladies & Gentleman, Boys & Girls... I am finally moody. I knew this day would come. J talking about houses all of the time annoys the shat out of me. Poor guy, he just wants us to be settled and living together in the same province again. But every time he wants to talk houses I snap and say "I LOVE NOVA SCOTIA!!!!" I am being so unfair and irrational. I also got so mad at him one day because I wanted to take photography and language classes online. When he said we needed to save up for the babe, I flipped and said "Ohhhhh sure, everything is about you. Let's just follow your stupid park dreams". Yep, I am being that girl. When I was driving to my friends house I had a "moment" with a fox. I felt like it was looking at my soul and I started hysterically bawling my face off. Then 5 minutes later, I saw a moose and I just continued to cry, screaming outloud "I live with NATURE, I love animals. So I would probably do that, pregnant or not, because I am obsessed with animals. J is lucky he is not living with this emotional wreck at the moment.

Symptoms: Itchy nipples and belly.

I occasionally get some slight cramping by my ovaries but apparently it's just your uterus stretching. Right now, it's as big as a cantaloupe.

I haven't felt the babe move in a couple of days :( I can't wait until I can feel baby moving most of the time. ( We get to see the babe via ultrasound in a couple of weeks, woooweee)

Barefeet in the sand, felt soooooo wonderful

If any of you pregnant mommas are looking for a good site go to It's been very helpful for me.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Say Hello To My Furry Friends

I have been waiting and waiting and WAITING for my moose friends to come back into the neighbourhood and pay me a visit. I knew they couldn't resist my luscious tree branches for too long.

I have seen a moose in my yard nearly everyday for the past two weeks and this fills my heart with so much joy. It too makes my my heart beat a little bit faster when I go outside at night to let my dogs out and there is this huge beast of an animal staring at you.

A momma deer and 3 of her babes were hanging out in my backyard

Monday, February 13, 2012

Sex Kitten

I went shopping last week and bought myself some "sexy" panties. I was in desperate need of some new under garments as my every growing hips pour out of my size small undies. I do like to wear thongs if I am wearing an outfit that show panty lines. However, I can't wear them during my pregnancy because my booty hasn't grown to match my hips. I have quickly grown into a size large but like I said I can't wear thongs because the size large fits my hips but my behind fits a small. Yep, not a pretty picture haha. So I went and bought some dang cute large cotton panties.

They had soooo many cute & sexy things for Valentines day. (I bought some cotton panties with hearts on them to get in the spirit) I found myself wandering around the lingerie section and the overly enthusiastic sales clerk quickly asked me if I needed help I laughed and said "NOOOO Thank You." Pregnant or not, I have NEVER been the sexy type. I have bought lingerie three times and have not worn  any of them once  for sexy time. I think I would just awkwardly laugh and make the situation so unsexy haha. I have a couple of girlfriends who LOVE lingerie. They have theme nights and everything! It's all just so foreign to me. I totally love tiny little nighties but not the "do me now" kinda stuff.

For those of you sexy gals check out some of these little numbers from Victoria's Secret.

Jump on it

So delicate

Love this!


Saturday, February 11, 2012

17 Weeks (and a couple of days)

This past week I haven't been feeling to hot. I had a headache for three days straight and had morning sickness everyday. Yesterday & today I feel AMAZING again, except I slept to much this past week and can't sleep now :p.

Size: The baby is about the size of your hand with your fingers spread open (give or take)

Symptoms: I started feeling my baby a couple of days ago. I thought I had to go poop, but nope it was just baby moving around in there. I've felt it only a handful of times so far. I can't wait until I can feel the babe more often. OHHHHH and how exciting will it be when J can feel kicks. Can't wait!!!

I have always had these little red dots on my body and face. I think they are popped blood vessels that pool and make a little dot. Well since I have been pregnant they have taken over my body. I really hope they go away after pregnancy. Otherwise I will be a red freak. My rosacea (self diagnosed) has been full blown since my wedding. I look like a rudolph. I need to invest in some gooooood foundation.

Nose bleeds are happening more frequently now. I now know to always have kleenex in the car because it's awful using whatever scrap paper you can scrounge up. 

Cravings: I want everything in my belly. I am actually getting tired of the actual act of chewing. This baby loves its food, even more than me! I will eat a full meal and then ten minutes later my belly is making the loudest sounds begging for more food even though I am not hungry. I will eat a banana and think I have satisfied the need and 20 minutes later my belly is screaming at me. Good thing my biggest craving is fruit, or we would be in trouble.

Weight: I have no idea what I weigh at the moment, but I am thinking it's quite a bit more then at my last appointment.

Oh and my hair isn't falling out anymore. Yaaaaaaayyyy!!! It's just falling out as much as it did pre-preg. Woop Woop

Almost half way there now & feeling fabulous! :D

Driving, Smiling, Walking, Beaching

My girlfriend Cat & I took advantage of the AMAZING weather we had yesterday. We went for a little drive and then took our deserving pups for a nice long walk. Of course we found ourselves at the beach, as you all know I am obsessed with the place!!
White Point in the distance

Hey little friends! You must be chilly!!

Cute little duck

Catherine & I with toque marks on our foreheads


pretty friend
Broad Cove


Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I can't even believe it's already been a year since I wrote this scary post. Yesterday I was thinking about Valentines day and was sad we weren't going to spend it together. And then I started remembering last years V-Day, we were together but it wasn't very romantic.
We didn't have a car and couldn't find a doctor in the area to take out J's stitched. But we had each other

Since J's accident we have been through so many amazing things!!!
-Acquired another dog and cat.
-Planned a wedding
-Went to a couple of weddings
-Got married
-Got pregnant
-In the process of moving again
Just to name a few...

I am so lucky to have such an amazing person in my life. I am so grateful to have a fully recovered,happy and healthy husband.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Noah 5 & 15 Days Old

It's truly amazing how fast they grow! Baby Noah at 5 days old <3

Anuk trying to get in on the action

Noah at 15 days old. J's first time meeting him
So alert!
A surreal moment for J & I. We will have our own sweet babe so soon :D