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Monday, January 31, 2011


Moose Whisperer

Moose must be bedding in our yard because in the past week we have had at least three moose in our yard daily. Lily and I have not tired from the excitement of seeing these beautiful beasts and will spend hours just watching them. There is something so peaceful about wildlife and wilderness.
Here's a collection of all my big pals.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Saturday, January 29, 2011


What an amazing day we had. I woke up and went directly to the front window to see what the weather was for cross country skiing. To my surprise there was this beautiful cow eating a tree in my neighbours yard :) What a beautiful start to the day!

Shortly after we packed our packs with our gear and food and off we went to St. Annes to cross country ski at Ski Tuonela. I had only ever cross country skied twice and both times were on flat trails. Not even a little hilly so it was quite easy for a beginner skier like myself to feel like a pro very quickly. MMMM today not so much!! I had thought I was in pretty decent shape as I run on the tread mill every day but man oh man was today an eye opener.

My heart was pounding out of my winter jacket, my back had beads of sweat trickling down to my feet, and my face was completely flushed. This was ten minutes in and we only had thirty more to go. At Ski Tuonela you bring your food and clothes on your back and ski 4 kms to get to the cabins. We went with friends who ski and volunteer at Ski Tuonela every other weekend. They were so very sweet and patient with us and even offered there dog to help carry my weight up the hill. As tired as I was I didn't want to break as I knew there was a hot fire stoked, tea, and chili waiting for me at the cabin. Great Motivation!!! After forty minutes of sweating my ass off while enjoying the beautiful scenery we made it to the top!!!! And wow was it well worth the ski up. The place is a winter wonderland, never have I ever felt the feeling that came across me when those beautiful cabins were in sight. The couple that run the place are so welcoming, well traveled, easy going, adorable, intelligent and funny. We went into a cabin to "dry out" by the fire and stuff our faces. We hung out there for the day and helped shovel around the cabins and do a couple of other odd jobs. In return we didn't have to pay for our ski rentals/day passes. J and I are hooked and are now going to help them out whenever needed as we love the place!! We are actually headed up there next weekend with a good friend of mine and the couple we were with today. We are going to spend the night this time, which I am very much looking forward too and can't wait to get on that trail again. Oh yeah I didn't mention getting back down. I fell at least 30 times as it is mostly down hill and its been ages since I snowplowed so it was quite entertaining. I am now very sore but wouldn't have it any other way!! Such a good time!!!

We finished our day downing a couple beers at a friends place. And now I am ready to hit the hay!!
Anouk! Collie/Husky/Jenna puller

Now this is my kinda skiing!!
Woo Hooo!!

A couple of the cabins

Chris and Michee (Annie in the window)

J and the beautiful scenery

yes, I am a stiff skier! Practice makes perfect :)

Anne and Anouk cruising

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Holy crow, it is nastaaaaayyy out there!!! It's only -1 but the snow is blowing in every direction. I secretly love these days because I don't feel guilty not leaving the house. J gets to come home because they are closing the park up so this means we get to drink chai and cinnamon dolce lattesall day beside the woodstove yippppppeeeeeeee. Snow days I love yah!!!!

We ended up leaving the house and had an awesome day shoveling and playing!

In the morning

Just down the road, the waves were beautiful!

Our Road

Poor little Lily turned into an actual snowball, she was just loving it out there I had to force her to come in! (Our yard)

Chai Tea Lattes to finish the day off right

Monday, January 24, 2011


Pressures on

I just went wedding dress shopping AGAIN in hopes the third time will be a charm. I fell in love with four new dresses, each one of them being so different. Unfortunately 30 of Winchesters dresses were packed away for the which was being held the next day. I plan on making the trip down again in 2 weeks and trying on the fabulous dresses again.

Through one of my fave websites Etsy I found these fabulous boutonniere's

I think they are adorable!!!! Just wondering what kind of flowers I would put with them.
I LOVE this belt! It obviously doesn't go with the Bouts. Depending on the dress I choose I will for sure be getting myself a belt or a hairpiece :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Monday, January 17, 2011

olive juice

One of my dirtiest secrets is I love to finish my day with one of these. Not every night as some evenings I prefer  a nice glass of red wine, or a cup of caramel tea. So let's say every third night to be safe. As I was sipping on my extra dirty vodka martini the other night I remembered this beautiful greek women. I met her about 6 years ago and she was one of those women who you just couldn't peel your eyes off of. She was so stunning, charming, and glamorous and yet so very down to earth. As we were chatting away she had mentioned her love of extra virgin olive oil. She loves to cook with it and basically cover herself head to toe with it. She said her whole family uses olive oil as their number one beautifying/moisturizing treatment. She was in her mid 40's and had the same amount of wrinkles I did as a young 20 year old.  I am sure a big part of it is amazing genes, and consistently lathering yourself up in sunscreen. I do have good genes but I love that sun tan way to much! Anyways, I have been trying out some of her beauty tips in the past couple of days. I have learned that olive oil makes an amazing lip moisturizer, hair conditioner, skin moisturizer, hand and foot soother, and is amazing in the bath with a drop of lavender. The one thing I did learn is only use a little dot of it for each treatment, the stuff is expensive and works just as well with a small amount. I googled olive oil today and found many other olive oil enthusiasts but here is a site that gives you some ideas for using olive oil as a moisturizer.
Beauty and olive oil 
I definitely put to much in my hair the other day and it made my hair very soft but also a little greasy. I now keep a tupperware container of it in my bathroom. J walked in the other day and thought I was really losing it because it looked like I peed in a container and left it on the bathroom counter top. He was like "uuuggghhhhh what is this"??? haha poor guy. Anyways I am now a pro olive oil. My face and lips especially love the stuff :) I am not going to use it all of the time as I am nervous about blocking pours but twice a week seems sufficient

Shake it little momma

Danger Danger!!!! Ok so instead of obsessing over dresses today, I obsessed over exercising. They go hand in hand, everyone wants to look smoking on there wedding day. I really want to feel comfortable with my body on my wedding day, I think most women do. So all of us bride to be's are all of the sudden into health and fitness. Some of you were before but now more so then ever before.

I was majorly bummed that Zumba was canceled because this is definitely the highlight of my week. So many reasons why:
1) I get out of the house
2) I am getting an awesome work out and it doesn't feel like work
3) I get to flail my arms and shake my hips (which I normally do in the kitchen daily by myself) with a bunch of middle aged women
4) I get to secretly think I am the greatest dancer on earth. I am very uncoordinated just like the rest. But I secretly think I am the best.
5) After I go to a session I have it in my head that I am basically Shakira and am the most fit person on this planet
6) I come home and make a healthy dinner and don't want to snack.

ok ok that's it.  I just LOVE zumba. I had to make up for it so I was on and off the tread-mill all day, lifted some weights, did sit ups periodically, squats, jumping jacks, dance  moves... in the kitchen of course, and some stretching. For lunch, I ate a cucumber sandwich (my fave) with eh hemm low fat cream cheese and only half the amount I normally dump on my bread, some yogurt, and a piece of cheese. After I devoured that in 2.25994 seconds I had the heavenly taste of cream cheese in my mind and decided I HAD to make cream cheese cookies for...J. HA who am I kidding I felt I deserved one of my fave little treats. Try em!!!
Orange Cream Cheese Chocolate Chip Cookies

I had one of those deliciously creamy, melt in your mouth, savory, scrumptious cookies and remembered J doesn't like them all that much :p so I had to make something for him. So I quickly whipped up some peanut butter cookies, but flourless, a little bit more healthy right??
Peanut-Chocolate Cookies
I of course had to try one of those out and mmmm were they good.

Anyhow, J came home and was loving all of the aromatic goodness making its way from the kitchen into his nostrils. But immediately asked what was for dinner. SHOOT I forgot about that part. After all of my hard work talking to my mom on the phone for 2 hours, baking and exercising I forgot dinner. So, I am embarrassed to say we plopped some wieners on the bbq, dropped them into some white buns and drenched those hot wieners with sauce. After we let those bad boys "digest" while watching a documentary I started to feel guilty, really really guilty. So I went back on  that tread-mill and ran until my mouth was so watery I was sure I was about to vomit. I worked through it, did some more squats, and sit ups and didn't feel as guilty.

Everyone needs a little motivation, a little inspiration, a little why the hell is my body not perfect like those skinny bitches on tv.  So I thought, let me look up some of my fave celebs and make that my goal. I have never in my life have came close to having abs and pretty much told myself its not possible, but let's check it out see what bodies I love. These girls instantly came to mind....
Let's all keep in mind Brooke Burke has popped out 4 babes and still manages to look freakishly hot
Megan Fox you are a sex goddess
Well really any woman  would wish to have the digustingly perfect body of a Victorias Secret model. But Marisa Miller just gets me every time

I realize just by working out I am not going to turn celebrity hot, but whats stopping me from getting a decently hot bod. I make all of my own dinners which are generally healthy haha let's ignore tonight, and I don't work so I can work out as much as I'd like. The thing with this is I tend to obsess over things, once I get something in my head I turn a little crazy. I am just going to eat what I want in moderation and work out every day. When I start working in May this will be a little bit more hard to attain as I work 10-14 hour days but I can still choose to eat healthy :). As I was looking up these babes I came across a grotesque website which I spent way to long on.
this is part of the reason why so many young girls have eating disorders

Saturday, January 15, 2011


So I am dangerously obsessing over two things right now. Finding that perfect body I know that is hiding under 15 pounds of goo and finding "the one". I have obviously found "the one" I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with, but I haven't found my perfect wedding dress.

Obviously I am so happy for the women who have managed to find their picture perfect, dreamt of this my whole life, o.m.g, I have never felt more beautiful, sob sob I can't wait for him to see me, I am a princess, this is THE ONE moment. They have found their dream dress and it was right there, just hiding  under the other couple other dresses they tried on. Well I am insanely jealous of you. I want to have that glow, I want to have that feeling of I never want to take this off. I have came close a couple of times, but maybe I just am to picky and have found the one and don't even know it? Out of the ones I have tried on, these have been my top 3.Shoot I don't remember the third designers names. So these are 2 of the 3.

I felt beautiful in pretty much every dress I tried on. The first one though I felt like a princess, I just wanted to twirl around in it. It's very romantic and charming and fits very well with the location of my wedding. The only thing I didn't like about it, is it is very plain and with the big bow on the side I am not sure I would have anything in my hair. I really want to have some kind of feather, or flower in my hair. I also didn't feel like dessert. I want to feel edible in my dress.

The second dress I felt like dessert. I really felt sexy and could picture myself dancing the night away in a gown like that. I also really love the corset backing. It really sucks you in and makes those curves pop. The thing I didn't like about it is I am from a small town and a girl I know of just got married in this beauty. I want to be somewhat original. Dammmnnnnn!!!!

I found this girl on and it took me to one of my favourite sites at the moment I absolutely am in love with here dress!!! 

It is the same kind of style as my first dress but looks much more edible. I think I am thinking of dessert because of my run I just did. I checked on for this gorgeous Amsale gown and its going for $5000.00 pre-owned. That is waaaayyyyy over my price range. I am nervously down for purchasing my dress online but I have to have tried on a dress just like it to be completely comfortable with this option. Ugghhh I totally didn't want to be that girl stressing over wedding details and I ammmmmmm

And sooooo the hunt continues.... wish me luck!!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Snow Day?

 Silly String

The first 3 were taken off our back deck, the next 2 is down our road. They were calling for a severe snow storm up here for last night and today. School was shutdown and everything. It only snowed hard last night and today its all wet slushy mush. In MB school was shutdown if the windchill reached -45, which would happen a hand full of times throughout the year. Last night was 0 and today was plus 3!! Everyone was warning me about how terribly cold the winters are here, I personally have only felt cold once so far. That's also because it was a windy day and I was walking in between the ocean and a lake. I am loving these mild winters!!! I love playing in puddles and stomping on those ice bubbles. There is something so satisfying hearing and feeling that crunch beneath your boot.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


I am definitely making these chocolate peanut butter cups again and again and again. I didn't use any of the healthy ingredients that is says to simply bc didn't have any in the house. But the unhealthy version was fab!!! Thank You Oprah and Alicia Silverstone!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


It's the simple things

I am easily excitable, I find even more now that I live here. Like driving the hour and a half to get groceries makes me soooo thrilled. Who would have thought???!!! But tonight was extra special for me. My matron of honour sent me this picture. With the simple words "we are thinking of you". These are the times I wish I could jump on a plane and hug and kiss everyone sitting around that table. Ahhhh would that be sweet. In this picture is 2 of my greatest friends/bridesmaids and mother. Tonight they met up to discuss the shower and social they are putting on for me.As much as I LOVE being the center of attention the thought of a social and shower for me makes me ill!!!! I love the social/party scene when I am mixed in the bunch and can be as loud and goofy and obnoxious as I please. But when all the attention is directed on you and everyone is attending these parties for you I feel I have to put on a show and act all charming and delicate. Even though every single person attending knows who I really am, why do I feel I need to put on an act? I also feel like I am already asking to much of the girls/mom/bmaids. They  have to spend a tonne of cash as it is to fly over here for our wedding in September.

I know, I know I should be feeling blessed to be loved by such great people who want to do such things for me and my fiance. And I am!!!!! So I need to get over this guilt!!! Ugggghhhhh

Oh and the fiance had fun at the Lions meeting and was happy I forced him to go :) He is starting his first project with them Sat. He is helping build a shed. He also met a contact for me :o A guy who works for Community Living says I should throw in my resume :) Job??? YEs PLEASE!!!!!! I didn't even know there was any kind of organization like that around here. I am so thrilled!!!!!

Fiance and I did make it to our friends place to visit there newest family member Sprocket!! She is a living doll and one big sook as they would say here. She didn't want to play with Lily, rather just nest in your neck and give you sweet kisses. She will be best friends with Lil before we know it.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


So today the fiance finally is down at the Lions club meeting. He has been putting it off for ages, but I pushed him to go. I think its important for us to make more connections in the community. It just seems so funny to think a 26 year old is in the Lions club. It's actually quite adorable. He also went to basketball for the first time last night which he did all on his own and had a great time. Met up up with a guy I drunkenly introduced him to at the Legion Dance on New Years. See my drinking is a beautiful thing!!!

So where does that leave me? Well I am patiently awaiting to meet a new friend for Lilith. (My one year old Maltipoo aka my doghter) My friends (who I met through my work in the summer time) just  bought their son a 4 month old  La Weenie which is a Lhasa Apso mixed with daschund. Just because I don't have a human child doesn't mean I can't attend play dates!!!!

The fiance just pulled up can't wait to hear all about his meeting :) and go visit Lily's new friend
Finally!!!! I am on here!!! I can't wait to learn how to make things fancy.

I am not an amazing writer by any means. And I am not all that clever nor witty. I don't want to have to think to hard before I type any kind of a sentence or word. No backspacing allowed! I just want have a free flow of thought. No questioning myself, just let it all out there!!!! Be free.

I had often thought blogging was for freaks, the artistic, the inspirational, the adventurous, the motivators, or the people who just have to much time on their hands. Wellllllll...... I am definitely the one who has to much time on her hands. Waaaaaaayyyyy to much.

However, it is 1:06 am, and I have a fiance who had been in bed for 2 hours already. I really dislike waking him at 2 or 3 or 4 am but I don't feel as bad when it's in the 1-1:30 range.

So Night Night and I can't wait for tomorrow to make my second post :)