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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Dear Sawyer, (9 months)

Dear Sawyer,

We didn't do too many things out of the ordinary this past month. You are getting so quick at crawling that you can almost keep up with Jack...almost. 

- you have four teeth and and are sprouting a fifth.

- you wear anything from 12-18month to 2t clothing

- size four diapers

- you have developed quite the personality this past month. You laugh and fake laugh at everything.

- your sister and your mom are HILARIOUS

- you love books

- you are so charming and know how to put it on

- your newest party trick is to stick your tongue out. 

- you love dancing as much as your sister

- you are such a boy. You are always smashing & destroying everything that comes your way

- you give big sloppy open mouthed kisses 

- you are pretty proud when you clap or high five. 

- you loooove cuddling. Biggest snuggle bug ever.

- you pull yourself up on everything. You try so hard to walk and keep up with your sis but you fall flat on your face.

- when you nurse laying down you use me as a jungle gym

Photo By Hobbs Photography 

Friday, August 28, 2015

Dear Sawyer (8 Months)

Dear Sawyer,

Whoops, I guess we missed your 7 months post, you are already 8 months! We have been spending this gorgeous summer outside nearly everyday and I just haven't had the time to write a post. I just started looking after your buddy Jack a few times a week and you guys are hilarious to watch, you look like crazy little Italian men. It will be so fun to watch you two grow up together.

At eight months

- you are in size 4 diapers

- 12m - 12-18m clothes

- I don't know how much you weigh but at 6 months you weighed 21lbs and you have grown even more, such a big dude

- you have four teeth

- you give big open mouth kisses

- you love to play pat-a-cake and clap your hands

- you are crawling

- you are so snuggly

- you growl all of the time. When the dogs do their play fighting you laugh so hard and start growling like them

- your sister is still your number one fan and she is yours

- you were sleeping through the night for a week or so and now that has gone out of the window. You are too stoked to try out all of your new tricks you have been learning and now have no interest in sleeping.

- you are either super smily and happy or you make the most ridiculous frown and look like you hate life haha  (your frown makes you look just like your dad)

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Willow Is Three

We celebrated Willow in true Ukee fashion...

She requested daddies famous crepes

Hiked the Wild Pacific Trail

When we came home a life-sized princess by Sharkys Balloons was waiting to play with her

We went to the Howlers for presents, bowling and dinner

That cake by Zoes Bakery was out of this world

We snuck off to the beach to say goodnight to the sun

Dear Willow,

You are three whole years old! I can't even believe how much joy you have brought us in your short little life thus far.

 You are wild, energetic, brave, compassionate, smart, adventurous, curious, hilarious, beautiful, kind, stubborn, polite, loving, fun, inquisitive, charming, whiny, sweet, I mean I really could go on forever.

You have been the absolute best big sis to your little bro. You are so patient with him. He will grab a huge chunk of those curly locks and you will just painfully grimace and wait for him to let go and then laugh afterwards.

You are such a performer, someone get this kid an agent. You sing and dance all day long. Shaking your hips and shoulders are your signature

You are boy crazy, your current love is a boy named Finn

You don't like to be called a baby. You are a BIG KID.

You are so good at entertaining yourself

You want to go to school so badly

You love the park

Your favourite food is raw carrots

You love talking about bears

You need your afternoon naps, otherwise we are all miserable

Books are your thing, you love a good book

You can only wear things that match, such a fashionista

Your favourite colours are pink and purple

You are super sassy

You love mermaids

You have a wild imagination. You have an imaginary purple house and a puppy named Koala

You like talking about poop (which we are trying to stop, thanks Papa)

You love gardening

Daddy is the only one that can sing you goodnight songs

Your best friends are Emmett, Finn, Isla, Hali, & Averie

You love playing with sea creatures and slugs

Your favourite treat is chocolate pop bears from Zoes

You tried dance and soccer camp this summer and you definitely loved dance more

You love "working out" and do it every morning. Situps, pushups, yoga and runs

You love the beach and going for walks. You can hike a good long while on a good day.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Dear Sawyer, (6 Months)

Dear Sawyer,

You are half a year old! I don't know what has happened this past month but you have made the switch from sloth boy to wild child. You are showing your true boyish colours these days and want to attack and get into everything.

- You are 21 lbs 4 ozs

- Size 4 diapers

- Wearing 12 month clothes

- Everyone always over guesses your age

- You love a good cuddle

- You are obsessed with your big sis and watch everything she does

- You are shy and bashful. You aren't a huge fan of big groups of people

- You love your jolly jumper

- You aren't all that interested in other babies just yet, only their toys

- You generally wake up once in the night and have two naps a day.

- you still only have two teeth

- We tried you on cereal and you get really mad if we don't feed you fast enough

- You can sit up on your own and roll around everywhere

Friday, May 29, 2015

Dear Sawyer, (5 Months)

Dear Sawyer,

- you are in 6-12months all the way up to 12-18months for clothes

- you haven't been sleeping all that well these past few weeks and have been a bit fussier. I see a little top tooth coming through so I think that's the culprit.

- you are still a pretty darn easy going baby and are very happy

- you are super into glasses & bottles. If someone is holding a drink you are so determined to put it in your mouth.

- you are a sensitive little pea.

- when you got your shots done last month you didn't cry nearly as much as the last time. Phewff!!

- you are infatuated with your big sis as she is with you. You both are always giggling with one another and she calls you cootie (cutie) and sweetie pie.

- you have 2 naps a day, sometimes even 3.

- you need to be part of the action at all times

- your legs and arms are always moving

- you are always saying agog, dee dee, and da da

- You nurse every 3 hours and are still exclusively breastfed. I gave you a taste of banana and you were not impressed

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Dear Sawyer, (4 Months)

Dear Sawyer,

You cut your first two little bottom teeth a couple of weeks ago. You were chewing on things a lot more but other than that you weren't fussy and then boom one tooth and the next day the other one poked through. These past couple of days you have been a wee fussy. You aren't napping unless you are in the carrier, stroller, or being driven around. I have a feeling we may even see a third tooth emerging soon. At this rate you are going to hit puberty by one. It's crazy that you are doing so much so early. If you were my first babe I would be so excited that you are popping teeth and rolling over. Instead it just makes me sad because you are growing way too fast. I am truly cherishing every second, time is flying. Slow down little buddy.

- You are wearing size three diapers and wearing 9 & 12 month clothes.

- You weigh 18lbs 5ozs

- You are the happiest, I repeat the happiest baby. I would say you are smiling 93% percent of the time, as long as you have napped and have a full belly! And you think everything is hilarious.

- you are not as sensitive to sounds as before. You are definitely used to your sisters random outbreaks.

- We call you sloth boy because you are pretty lazy and content

- You sleep for most of the night in your bassinet beside us. When you sleep you have to have your little bunny with a binky attached to it and blankies over your eyes. I am always worried you can't breath but you get mad at me when I move the blankets.

- You love playing with those adorable little feet of yours.

- You now have interest in toys and books.

- You love watching your big sis and pets. Willow is so good to you and wants to cuddle and sing with you all of the time. She calls you Soyyy-yah.

- If you haven't been held for awhile and get picked up, you cling on like a Koala. So ridiculously cute and cuddly.

- You have rolled over a few times now.

- You think your mom is hilarious. You are def a little mommas boy.

-You sleep from 7pm-3:00am, 3:30am-6:00am, 7:30am-10:00am, and 2:00pm-4:00pm

- You started swimming lessons and absolutely love the water. You are so chubby you float right to the top.

Every night I get a little bit sad when I tuck you into bed. I gaze at you for an extra couple minutes (in the most creepy, obsessive way) because every morning you wake up a wee bit bigger. If all babies were guaranteed to be like you I would have 10!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Call The Midwife!

I have received numerous e-mails regarding my home birth experience so I'll just write it down here so I can refer whomever to it! I am not a home birth guru by any means but I did have one "cabin birth" so I can only talk of my experience.

I have a wee bit of an obsessive personality so when we had discussed the option of doing a home birth I spent hours and hours and hours researching. After reading about births for countless hours and discussing the two different options with my midwives I felt a home birth was right for me. I feel that home births and midwives still have a little bit of a stigma surrounding them. I find BC to be a little bit more progressive than the rest of Canada. I don't understand why some provinces aren't even legislated?! Crazy talk! When I was spending the month in Comox, locals would ask me if I was doing home birth or hospital birth? I liked that. It's nice having options and it's nice to see people more open minded. A lot of friends and families responses were, why would you do a home birth? That is too scary! I'm scared for you! Why a midwife, we aren't in the stone age? You are such a hippie! They were saying all of these things because it is foreign to them and they were just worried but Midwives go to school for four years and specialize in births. My midwives were extremely professional, caring and simply wonderful. At each prenatal appointment you are given 45minutes with them, and not once did I feel I was being rushed out. We didn't just discuss pregnancy we talked about life as well so you establish a great relationship with your midwife. They always have a midwife on call as well so if you have any concern or any little question they encourage you to call. I LOVE midwives and would really encourage you to use one if you have the option when having a baby!

Jon's biggest concern was what if something was to go wrong and we weren't in a hospital, what would we do? The midwives honestly bring the hospital room to you. The amount of "stuff" they lugged in was insane. They are prepared for routine births as well for any kind of emergency situation that may arise. From resuscitation equipment to a baby scale, they got it all! Our midwife also said that in a serious emergency situation they don't mess around. If they feel an intervention like a c-section is needed, they would rush you to the hospital. The hospital was five minutes from our cabin.

I was considered low risk so I felt super comfortable with a home birth. If it was my first baby I might not be as comfortable as I was. I kind of new the drill from my first birth so I was more at ease.  I know things can change so quickly and you can go from being low risk to have something go very wrong in a split second, but I felt very comfortable with my midwives and my body. I loved being able to labour freely and not worry about rushing to a hospital. Hospitals are so sterile, as they should be, to me it just doesn't seem like a right place to have a baby. I wanted to feel cozy. I could light my candles, eat food, make tea, laze on the couch, sit in the dark and not be hooked up to monitors. And where what I wanted while roaming around our teeny cabin. It was really freeing! I liked not feeling like a sick patient and more like a healthy woman about to give birth to her babe.

I obviously didn't have a true home birth as I was in a randoms cabin. If they only knew what went down in there, oops! I wish I would have bought plastic to put on the sheets. I was so concerned with soaking their bed with blood that I wasn't able to fully relax after I gave birth. You clearly just want to sleep and cuddle your babe after delivery but I just was so worried about that damn bed. I had incontinence pads down which did the trick but I was constantly adjusting them. So for the bedroom buy plastic, incontinence pads, and use old sheets! Oh and don't forget about hydrogen peroxide, that stuff gets everything out! I must remind you that when you have a home birth the midwives do the initial clean but after they are gone it's all up to you. Scratch that, it's all up to your partner! So if your partner isn't ok with cleaning up blood , a home birth might not be for you. Make sure you are sleeping in a bed closest to the bathroom! Poor Jon cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. We were also paranoid with leaving any little spot because it wasn't our cabin. If I were to do it again I would have covered that cabin in towels and plastic before I went into labour.

We also forgot about the placenta, ohhh placenta. I guess when you deliver the placenta it needs to go somewhere. So one of the midwifes ran into the kitchen and grabbed a huge bowl. So there sat my placenta, in a bowl, for a good 24 hours. Jon gave it to the ocean because we just felt weird tossing it in a garbage bag for some reason.

After you have your babe the midwife comes over to your place a few hours later to check up on you and the babe. Then the next day and then every second day. After the first week, you go to them at the clinic at two weeks, four weeks and six weeks. My midwives called me every other day for the first couple of weeks because we came back to Ukee and didn't feel like driving that far. They are also always on call so you can call them whenever you need.

The care I got from my midwives was phenomenal. When you have a home birth you have a midwife and an attending midwife, and mine were the best! So to answer the biggest question, yes I highly recommend a home birth if you can birth in your own home and are low risk. And if you choose a hospital birth, find yourself a good midwife to catch your babe!

PS Happy International Day of the Midwife!! 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

I am a wee bit obsessed about getting my kids outside EVERYDAY.  Yesterday we stayed in all day and I felt disgusting. The outdoors fuels me. In Manitoba I didn't get outside nearly as much as I wanted to, but I would make a point to get out a couple times a week even in minus 30-40. I would bundle Willow so only her eyeballs would show and I would take her for a walk around the block, just to get some fresh air. I am so grateful that this little earthling is enamoured by all things the Earth has to offer. She reminds me everyday how beautiful this place is. She can play with a rock all day and have the best time! I am training Sawyer young, just as I did his sis, to be a lovah of nature.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Easter Goodness

I love this town! The Easter bunny clearly loves the beach as he dumped thousands of Easter eggs for all of kiddies in town to find. It was absolute mayhem but so fun. I kept on hearing all of the parents remark on how lucky our kids are to grow up here and do things like this. I couldn't agree more!