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Friday, September 30, 2011

Jenna & Jon's Wedding Slideshow :D

okokokok I can't wait any longer, I will back track and tell you every detail of our wedding in the future, but for now this must be shared!!!!

Our amazing WEDDING SLIDESHOW!!!! by Scott McIntyre Photography.

Enjoy xoxoxo

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Thursday

As the boys went off for a drunken day of golf I planned a little "scavenger hunt" for the ladies + Shestin. I thought it would be a fun & different way to see the Cabot Trail. I gave each carful a map and some hints for each hotspot and off we went.

My team:

Thursday, September 15, 2011

You got iCeD

Apparently icing has been going on for over a year now, I only heard of it this summer as pretty much all of the staff at my work have been iced. J and his friends apparently ice eachother over the phone as they live in three different provinces. Now I don't know how that works because I know we never have smirnoff ice in the house, so it doesn't make sense to me.

Those of you who I have no idea what I am talking about, consider yourself lucky. When someone presents you with a smirnoff ice you must get on one knee and chug it. I have seen different ways of icing and don't know the "proper rules" but some say you must actually touch it. Others say as soon as someone presents it to you, you must pound it unless you have an iceblock. Which is you, yourself have a smirnoff ice in hand. Anyways, its the ultimate frat party drinking game, which seemed to be the theme of my wedding week.

I would say there was close to one hundred icings over the course of 5 days. Here are a few that were caught on camera.
One of the servers came out with a covered tray and iced the both of us. I wanted so bad to win the chug off but nearly barfed three quarters down. I hadn't really eaten anything all day and I was beyond exhausted. Vomiting up front probably wouldn't be too classy. J I will kick your bum any other day :p

J's mom got iced by his sister standing behind.

My mom got iced

J's brother got iced

J got iced by his buddy Davis in between getting out photo's taken.....hilarious

J gets iced

Bryan sits down at dinner and gets iced immediately, it was his birthday

A good old icing with dinner
Mary getting iced on her Birthday/The wedding night

J iced in the kitchen.
  Here are some links of how icing started ha so ridiculous! New York Times, You got iced & CNN

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Wednesday

The Wednesday was absolutely perfect! We spent the day at Neils Harbour beach with my mother in law, ooooh I like saying that, and my hopefully soon to be brother in law ;. They all had a go at kayaking while I took hundreds of photos with my brand spanking new camera.

That kind of day was exactly what I needed. It calmed my nerves and made me ready for what was about to come.... more FRIENDS & FAMILY. That night most of our bridal party were getting in, as well as some other amazing friends, my parents, grandparents. My best little neighbour friends were just as excited as I was, they had been over nearly every day for the past week asking when our visitors were coming, they kept checking in.

The first round piled out of this huge ballin' suburban, Shestin who I posted about here, my parents, and the Pav's who came all the way from Australia, piled out of the burb like a bunch of clowns. It was instant bliss! 
Dad, Mark, Mary and I enjoying the sunset
My mom and I did not plan to dress alike p.s

More Friends arrived!

My Ladies!!
And the icing begins. This seemed to be the theme for the week.

Shestin, Bert, Mark & Dad

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Newlywed, Nearlydead?

Ok this title is very a little dramatic but I feel totally and udderly exhausted. Not exhausted from all of the amazing festivities that went on last week, but exhausted from the bomb J dropped on me yesterday. Sometimes it totally blows being an adult and having to make real life decisions.

Let me fill you in,
Their are transfers open pretty much across Canada for J's position. So of course excitedly he applied for amazing places like Banff, Jasper, Lake Louise and........ Riding Mountain. He applied for the experience of applying and of course the curiousity of what would be offered to him. There was no thought in my mind we would actually consider moving to any of these places just yet as we only moved to Cape Breton last year. Keep in mind we bought a house and are not even completely moved in just yet. We are still exploring the island and continuously meeting new friends. I feel like we just moved in last month. Well, under the table, the Riding Mountain position has been given to him. Not officially as the letter won't be coming for another few weeks. We will have ten days once we recieve the letter to make the final decision. I don't want to be making life changing decisions right now. I want to be in the starry eyed, romantic newlywed phase with my husband where we are sharing caesars, frolicking on the beach hand in hand, feeding eachother chiaaaps. NOT fighting over where we want to live, waaaaahhhhhhhh.

It's totally funny how the prairie girl is so desperately wanting to be a maritmer and the maritimer can't wait to get back to the prairies. Of course I am absolutely in love with all of our friends and family but I really can't stand Manitoba winters. They are totally depressing! I can handle them if I am in a city where I can lose hours in a book store, meet a girlfriend for a perfectly steamed latte, drag my hiney to a gym, but living up there we will be just as isolated as we are here. I absolutely loved my first winter here, it was so mild with lots of snow. I wake up every morning feeling happy and relaxed. The beauty of the area takes my breathe away with every blink. We have made great friends who we adore! I especially love all of my moose friends and seal pups :p.  Now for J's argument... money. I can't work full time here as their is no source of employment for me in the winter. He gets laid off for 2-3months here, where Riding Mountain would be full time. Brandon is only an hour away from his parents and brother which will be amazing when we eventually have kids. So yes, his argument wins. I just wish this offer was five years from now. I am not ready to leave here. Last night J was just mopng around and the air just felt tense, I don't like this. He would totally be game to stay if all of our friends and family moved here! I know it's just not money for him, I totally think he got a little homesick having everyone we love here. I know I should just suck it up and be happy wherever I am with my love.  UGGGHHHHH screw you life decisions.

Ok tomorrow will be a happy wedding post, I promise :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Beginning

Lets start off with the very beginning of our wedding week shall we? Monday & Tuesday J and I got to spend the nights with his immediate family which was soooo nice to just relax, laugh, and enjoy some much needed quality time. When you are in a room with the whole clan you really just feel the love and am more then pleased to have "officially" become a part of the family.