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Friday, December 30, 2011

Guess what?

Hey Family, Guess what? We are pregnant!!




My moms reactions were absolutely priceless. She has been bugging me since I was 18 to hurry up and make her "grandbabies". Her wish has finally come true. She is absolutely thrilled. Unfortunately I had to tell my dad over the phone.

It went something like this....

Me: Hey Dad, Guess what?
Dad: You're preggers
Me: Well.. yes, actually
Dad: Fuck off
Me: It's true!!!
Dad: That's awesome!!!!

J didn't go as camera happy with his parents because he was just too excited to tell them.

Bad pic, but their reactions totally warmed our hearts. They both had the biggest smiles come across their faces and we really felt the love!!

This baby is going to be one spoiled babe! Both of our families & friends are beyond thrilled. :D Sooo happy

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Exciting News!!!

Word travels fast when you have two overly excited sets of grandparents parents.
Well the rumour is true. I have gained a lot of weight over the holidays  ;p

Give Us Money

We finally hiked up the beautiful Ski Cape Smokey Mountain, J had wanted to conquer this hike for quite sometime. It was quite steep and was quickly regretting agreeing to this madness, but the view was so worth it. Unfortunately, Ski Cape Smokey hasn't been running for years as they don't have money to do all the much needed maintenance it so desperately needs. However, a group of fantastic volunteers got half the hill going last year which is WONDERFUL for our sweet little town. Now we just need some more snow to get that going again!! Also, if you are really rich and are looking for a great investment, how about Ski Cape Smokey ;)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Wedding Singer

My beautiful cousin Rhianna who I have wrote about herehere sang a song that she wrote for us during our wedding slideshow. It was so special!! It left me speechless and in tears. I am happy to say I can share that song with you. Check it out. All I Got by Rhianna Rae Saj <3

Monday, December 12, 2011


When my photographer asked us what kind of wedding I was planning I quickly responded with "An outdoor wedding, with stunning views. I want it to be romantic,charming, fun, and to be a total gongshow." I got exactly what I wanted. This is exactly what it was.

I had talked about being Iced here, but here are the shots our photographer captured during the dinner.
J's mom gets iced

ohhhh NOOOOO

So mean

My mom get's iced

lol it looks like I am pulling his hair. I was shocked at how hard she was pounding it

Aiden is just too into his cupcake. So cute!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Matthys residence

Thursday night I arrived in Manitoba. I am back home for my best friends wedding. (J is also flying in next week so we can cram in some house hunting) As soon as I landed the glowing bride-to-be, Heidi picked me up from the airport. We were off to spend the weekend at her adorable hometown, 2 and a half hours away from Winnipeg. I had an amazing weekend with her whole famdamily. They are all so fun and easy to get a long with. The house she grew up in is so inviting and cozy. Her mom is a total Martha Stewart and every little thing had it's perfect little place. We got to decorate it with the thousands of Christmas crafts her mother beautifully hand-crafted. Ugh and her cooking was not helping out the enlarged waistline situation. That woman can COOK! Everthing was just so perfect :) Oh and then Sunday was the community wedding shower at the mini  United Church in town. You can totally tell this is a big outing for the ladies in the community. It was adorable, and Heidi scored some sawwweeeet gifts. What a great first weekend back in Manitoba :)
Busting out some Christmas tunes

Cheeky little elf

Work it little momma

What a gem of a photo. We made a sweet bell choir

The perfect tree

Women porn

My sweet new friend "Tiny"

The blushing bride

Heidi had to eat a piece of gum for every question she got wrong about Mark. She only got 3-4 wrong, pretty impressive!

The beautiful hat I made


It was Marks parents anniversary the day of the shower. Love this picture

Cream puff cake

Crazy sisters

Monday, December 5, 2011


I don't love the "clinking of the glass" for a kiss, wedding tradition. When I was little I thought it was so hilarious and fun. But now that I am a very WISE adult, I think it's tacky and gets annoying real quick. We knew if we didn't come up with a kissing game the glasses would start clinking the moment we sat down at the head table as husband and wife. We totally called it, before the MC had a chance to explain "the kiss" the clinking had filled the room. Doug quickly starightened everything out. You must kiss a disgustingly fishy tasting lobster and then take a shot of Screech. I though people were going to totally shy away from that idea, but J & I ended up kissing every five minutes. My lips were actually getting sore from all of our smooching. I absolutely loved these pictures captured by the photographer.

 J thought he would mix it up and get our parents to kiss. However, they made it even more twisted it by doing a group kiss. Soooo funny.