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Friday, June 29, 2012

37 Weeks

I remember the first few months I found out I was pregnant like it was yesterday. Time Flies! I would wear clothes that would only show my "baby bump" which was pure gas and food.
I am now 37 weeks and will wear anything that will fit over this baby bump. Even if it means I wear a tank top and leggings that make me look like I'm wearing a unitard haha. (I was wearing a t-shirt over the tank but I was too hot)

I am officially full term, holy smokes!! 20 more days until d-day

Size: Baby is as long as swiss chard, a bit over 19inches and is weighing in at approx 6 1/3lbs.

Heartbeat: Babies heartbeat has been consistently in the 150's, my last appointment was in the 140's. My Dr. said it's pretty common for the heart rate to drop down in the last couple of weeks because baby is not as active.

Weight: I gained 5lbs since my last appt 2 weeks ago, yeesh! I guess that will happen when you eat ice cream almost everyday and can't stop snacking. I am now up 31lbs all together.

Stretch Marks: No new ones. The one on my boob keeps getting bigger .

Movements: Still moving like mad in there. You can tell the babe is so uncomfortable, baby is constantly trying to get into the perfect position and makes my body look totally deformed.

Symptoms: Still cramping a lot and have lots and lots of pressure on my pelvis. Walking is starting to get pretty uncomfortable but I won't stop going for my walks! My back gets pretty sore from sitting in one position for a long period of time. I pee constantly, I mean constantly.

I leaked out of my left boob the other night. I was excited haha. I know it will be constant leakage soon enough but the first one is pretty darn exciting.

Cravings: Ice Cream, edamame beans, frozen/icy drinks, & pink lemonade.

J & I are both starting to get anxious. He had a little melt down today because the stress of everything hit him at once. We are both so so so excited & anxious for this babe to come. It's pretty funny when I wake up to go pee in the night J shoots up and always says "Everythings ok? You're ok? You feel ok?" haha yessss I am just going pee.

I am ready to have this babe now. I know it's healthier for the baby to stay in there for only 3 more weeks but I just can't wait to meet this little one. Now that we have everything the babe needs all set to go I am just playing the waiting game. Also, I am getting more and more uncomfortable and I don't understand how my belly can stretch anymore. The babe will come when it's good and ready, but commmee onnnn. :p

Monday, June 25, 2012

Feeling Groovy

J & I had a tiring but fun weekend. Friday night we went to the pub and stayed up way too late. Saturday J, Anne & Michee were volunteering for the triathlon so I volunteered to watch my fave little buddy Noah. We went for dinner and came back to our place to veg. I think because I was over tired from the night before I slept under two hours Saturday night. I got to cuddle with my buddy Noah again all morning, so that made me perk up!

Last night J and I both slept beautifully. We are going to dedicate this week to eating healthy and getting lots of walks in. I think this past week I made up for not eating out all winter. Barf.

 Maple, Lily, Timbit & I are so happy to have J back to join in our Monday morning dance parties. I will leave you with these beauty shots.

 Have a great week friends! xo
PS 24 days until D-Day!!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Soaking it up

I'm in love with our little local watering holes. Two of them have amazing musicians every night and the other one has them just on the weekends. Every time we hit up the pub we have the greatest times with close friends and amazing musicians. It's especially entertaining to be be the sober one, watching everyone happily sing a long and dance to the tunes. Last night Cyril MacPhee was playing (he was our wedding singer) and we were in awe as always. Love that man!

J & I aren't going to be hitting up the pubs as often in 3 1/2 weeks time. We soaked it all up last night. Maybe when either of our parents are down visiting we can sneak away for a drink and a dance :).

Friday, June 22, 2012

36 Weeks!

uhm, what? Next week I am full term?!

Size : Baby is as big as a crenshaw melon and is almost 6lbs, packing on the pounds at a rate of an ounce a day. The babe is approx 18 1/2 inches long.

Stretch Marks: No new ones, two on my hip and one on my boob.

Movements: It was so funny to see J's reaction to the HUGE visible movements that is going on in my belly. Instead of little jabs and kicks here and there the babe is totally sticking its butt out or giving me huge pushes. Baby hates the sound of the vacuum and tries to move away from the sound. It's pretty funny to watch, but pretty uncomfortable for me. Poor little thing is running out of room to stretch out. It doesn't feel very nice when the baby head butts or punches my cervix. The babe does this about 5 times a day and every time I let out a pathetic welp.

Symptoms: Still feeling a lot of pressure in my vagine and bum. Very constipated and if I am not constipated I am the total opposite. Yep, not fun. I am getting more and more tired lately. I am happy to say I still don't get out of breath from going up and down the stairs or going for walks. I am getting some cramping quite a bit as the babe and my body are better preparing for the big day.

Cravings: ice cream, pink lemonade, and oreos with a glass of cold milk. Some days I can't stop eating and other days I am forcing myself to eat.

Sleep: I wake more often now that I'm back to sharing a bed with my man. Thinking of booting him out until the babe is born, but I won't :p.

Mood: Happy most days but I find I am becoming more irritable and moody. J came back for the best part... poor thing

This week my husband came in, the stroller, the car seat, and the crib. So awesome.

Today when J & I were at the store it was so cute because everyone was offering to carry the stuff in my hands. I had these pipes that didn't even weigh a pound and this old man kept on trying to take it out of my hand. I insisted they weren't heavy and I could handle it he replied with a "You shouldn't even be out in your condition". Hilarious.

Still loving being pregnant, just getting more and more uncomfortable.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The First Day of Summer

We had such a fun day celebrating summer solstice yesterday (J had a great time minus the mowing of the lawn). The hot sun was a perfect touch to remind us summer is officially here, thanks mother nature. As J & I walked a long the beach we were pretty stoked to think that this will be one of the only summers we will both not be working and we will truly get to enjoy the season. I can't wait to introduce our babe to my most favourite place on Earth, the beach! We ended off the day right with some greasy food, a flurry and then went to our neighbors for a bonfire. WE LOVE SUMMER PS J just got back on Tuesday. I hadn't seen him in 5 weeks and he is now on paternity leave for up to 9 months yeeehaaawww!!! It has been a long 6 months of J traveling back and forth from Manitoba to Nova Scotia and it has tested both of our patience, but it's proven to be all worth it. It was starting to get depressing as we are only newlyweds and typically newlyweds get to spend every night with one another being cute and cuddly. We have a month of just us to be cute and cuddly until we have the babe :p.

J thinks it hilarious to take a pic of me peeing in the bush, he catches me every time. Being as pregnant as I am its hard to go for walks without a pee break. A girls got do what a girls got to do.

lol what a sex muffin

I chose to keep cool by just dipping my feet in the water


J making a little pool for Lily

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Coastal Waters- You Gotta Eat Here

Check out Food Networks, You Gotta Eat Here tonight at 11:00pm Atlantic or Thursday at 6:00pm. They are featuring one of my fave places to hang out, Coastal Waters. The food is phenomenal and at night during the weekends the restaurant turns into a pub and they have great live entertainment. The dance floor is always packed with locals, love it. They had a party on Friday to celebrate the restaurant being aired and served up some delicious munchies while showing the episode. I definitely have watched the show three times now, haha perhaps a little small town pride?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

35 Weeks

 Eeeek, I am getting bad at doing my weekly blog posts. I really have no excuse, sorrrryyyy.

Weight: Baby weighs as much as a honeydew melon. Approx 5 1/4lbs and is just over 18inches long. I gained 3lbs in the past 2 weeks so I am up all together 26lbs. J's last weigh in was at 20lbs haha love it. I don't feel like a house but I am starting to look like one. :p No tees or tanks fit me, they show at least 2 inches of my belly. I just bought a couple new LARGE shirts to cover this baby bump up. I just can't even believe my belly is going to grow even bigger. What the?!

Movements: Baby is still moving A LOT!! The movements are just slower and stronger. The movements sometimes stop me in my tracks they are so powerful.

Symptoms: Feeling a lot of pressure in my pelvis. Ooooh it especially hurts down there when I am putting on my pants or shorts.

Cravings: Ice Cream, Ice Cream, Ice Cream, chocolate.

Sleep: I don't go to bed until really really late. But I sleep throughout the entire night. I get up to pee at about 8am and then go back to sleep. I am feeling more sleepy and during the day I have about a half hour nap.

Stretch Marks: I finally got two on my right hip! Is it weird I got excited about that?

I am loving not having a period. I was thinking about how amazing it has been to not have a period for so long. Hopefully I don't bleed for too long after baby. ew. Speaking of vagina's, lawn maintenance is sooo hard hahaha. I am close to giving up!! But I won't, but I want too. It's weird to look down and not see a crotch haha!!!

I am still loving being pregnant. I am soaking up every single minute of this amazing miracle. The only complaint is I can't get comfy if I am trying to just sit and relax.

 I am starting to get pretty anxious. My life as I know it is going to change drastically. J and I will be 100% responsible for another little person for the next 18years. My goodness gracious. I am confident J and I are going to be pretty awesome parents. It's just an overwhelming thought. So this babe can hang out in my uterus for another 5 or 6 weeks. Oh and nesting, what is that? I still haven't started the nesting phase. Everyone I know who is or was pregnant had everything all set up for the little babe by this point. I guess I should start preparing?

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Last weekend was so busy around these parts which is totally out of the norm. The weather was fab, the food was delish (a bbq every night) and the company was simply the best. I forget how drab winter can be and then spring with summer like temps slaps me in the face and days HELLOOO this is life, and it's way better spent outside. Ooooh how I love to be outside breathing in the fresh earth and letting the sun wrap me in its warm blanky. When my guests left I slept 12-13hours a night. haha!  Anyhow, with all of the excitement of having people around me all of the time, this weekend I am left a little lonely. I enjoyed being distracted from missing my man. Everyone was around at once and now I feel all alone waaah waaaa waaahhh. Its only been two and a half weeks since J has been gone but I am missing him more then ever before these days. I am hoping he gets approved to come home next week some time. If he doesn't he won't be home until July.  Oooh speaking of July... my momma booked her flight out here for July.17th!!! yayayaayayayayaaaah D-day is the 19th (ish) and then J's parents come out on August.16th yayayayayyayah!! I have so much to look forward too :D
 p.s the local coffee shop opened up for the season on Monday and they have delicious home made desserts and the coffee is divine. So pumped!

Happy Birthday Kathy!!!

The boys being good helpers
One tuckered out party goer

Sugar highs?
I was so excited to see my gf, Blandine. It had been over 4 years since the last time we saw each other in Hawaii. She came up to Cape Breton from Halifax to run the Cabot Trail Relay. I got to sneak in a quick snuggle.

My sweet little friend Conor who I met here hiked up from Halifax with his lady friend for a couple of days. It was great to have company and I totally talked their poor ears off. 

Showing off the goods

Eve likes to smile and laugh even more than I do!