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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Schmoo, wine, cake, and cuddles

The best part of being back home was all of the time spent with great friends and family. We went out to eat and drink way too much. We had to make up for it as we spent the winter here, with not one restaurant being open in our town. Actually, the first one opens up next week!!! wooo hooo What a luxury! When you live in a small town, the littlest things become much more exciting... I like that. It was so nice to catch up with many of our favourites.
My brother cuddling with the cat, so cute.

Girlfriend date  
My second brother and grandma

Segovia Tapas Bar for dinner

Sexy Grandma

Amanda met us at Baked Expectations for cheesecake

Schmoo torte, my fave

Banana Chocolate

Carrot Cake

Christana met us for coffee

Ozzy and Lily sharing

J's mom and brother

Beautiful Sarah
Morgs, Mack, and J


Friday, April 29, 2011

Oh ocean, you never fail me

J and I were feeling pretty sad for our friends today, so we thought we would lift our spirits and make good use of this beautiful day. It is 11:45pm and still 19C. The beach to me is almost a sacred place, it seems to clear my thoughts of the negatives and fill it with the positives. It was just what we needed today. We came back still thinking about our friends but feeling a bit more revitalized.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


I am feeling really sad for our best friends. What I would do to be back home with them right now. They just suffered a loss in the family yesterday and then in the evening their sweet 4 month old puppy got ran over. When it rains it really does pour. Sending all the love and support in the world to the whole family right now. Love you

I took these pictures just last week :(

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


The day of the social I was in a mad panic to get a dress. If I couldn't find one, I could always fall back on one of my old ones or my short short one. But I wanted to be comfortable and it's not as fun wearing an old dress. Off I went to Winnipeg on a mission. I had a makeup appointment at 3 and so my hairdresser (Jon's sister) wasn't able to do my hair because she had her hair appointment at 4. The stress of not having your hair or outfit for a big day is a little maddening. Bonnie pulled through and contacted a girl from our home town to stay late at work so she could do my hair. Phewwfff. After me being so picky and trying on 20 BCBG dresses I got one of the girls to just pick one for me. It was nothing extraordinary and way overpriced but I was a little desperate. I then went and picked out accessories and made my 3:00 makeup appointment at Mac. You see, I wear no makeup. If I am going out I will wear mascara, eyeliner and some gloss or lipstick but that's it. I don't ever wear foundation or any of that crap because I feel like I am wearing a mask. I don't have great skin but I think natural beauty is the most beautiful on every women. I thought for once I would go all out and treat myself to something out of the norm. I soon regretted it, when I looked into the mirror I didn't look like myself. I figured it wouldn't be so bad in the dark but I forgot about cameras and their darn flashes. I ended up looking so pale and my eyes were way to black. That is all just minor though.

J and I had an amazing night with a over sold hall filled all of our friends. It was truly a night to not be remembered. I talked to pretty much every single person in that place that I don't even remember who was all there. People were waiting in line to talk to you, kind of swarming around the next in line. It was all so wonderful and overwhelming! I am pretty sure everyone had a good time as the booze was sold out at the end of the night. What a total rush it was, I felt like I was on a high the whole night.

We did end up dancing to an Ingrid Michaelson song

Thanks again to my wedding party, mom, and grandparents. You guys pulled off such a successful event. Here are a handful of friends photos I compiled from the night.
My brother, his gf, mom, aunty and uncle

Part of my beautiful Bridal party

J's sister and I


One handsome specimen

J's family

My mom and her gf

jail birds

Shower time

The first day back in Manitoba was spent with my mom. We went shopping for a social dress but we only had an hour to do so because we had a spa appointment we could not miss! I wasn't successful in the dress department which had me a little stressed as my social was the next eve. The hour long full body massage at Hypnotic helped me forget about a little of that stress followed by a manicure/pedicure. So lovely! After my mom and I were feeling refreshed and relaxed we went to go and pick up my grandma Shirley for my Shower night!!!!!

I was so anxious for my shower. I have attended many showers in my day and never thought I would have my very own. I never really dreamed of getting married so this seemed very weird to me. The shower was being held at our family friends place which is absolutely stunning. They really went above and beyond. They totally cleared out their living room and replaced furniture with round tables with white linens beautifully decorated with "beachy" centerpieces. I had no clue who was going to be there either so when I walked into the room, classy Jenna says " I want to barf" I was so overwhelmed by all of the people I love in that beautifully decorated room that, that's all that would come out. I didn't actually vomit of course. I sat down and didn't really look at anyone. Me being the dramatic person I am had to sit down and ease my nerves for a minute. I turned around and saw my beautiful cousin Rhianna who I hadn't seen since she departed on her fabulous Italian adventure as an Au Pair. I hugged her as if it had been years rather then 7 months. I got a little choked up and then I turned around and my best friend Katelyn is standing right there!!!! Kate totally surprised me. I figured this sneaky little kitten would absolutely not be able to make it out to my shower and social as she is right in the midst of exams and is studying in Edmonton. I nearly bumped into her at the airport the night before. We got in at the same time and luckily I didn't see her but she was walking right in between J and I. She even had to put on her hood. Anyhow, wow, was I so shocked and happy to see her. I didn't know what to do when I saw her so I walked out of the room crying without even saying a thing haha. Geez I have weird reactions.
Kate with my "Jentini" in hand while I walk out of the room
I'm not a pretty crier
After me being an emotional wreck the night had to go on. I went around the room and hugged every beautiful woman there. I was just feeling so blessed to have such people in my life. Meanwhile my bridesmaids never sat down they were working there bums off!!
Kate, Heidi, Sue, and Jaye

Jaye made this gorgeous and delicious cookies

Couldn't ask for better friends

I then was spoiled with way too many gifts!! Fancy napkin holders, cloth napkins, espresso machine, tea pot, salt and pepper shakers, coffee, and a dining room table.

Everyone contributed in purchasing all of these gifts for J and I, and I just was feeling so many emotions that I of course broke down.
I was then supposed to compose myself and say a little thank you speech. I thought I was ready, and of course, I broke down again.

I stood up there so proudly with a smile and then looked around at all of these people that love and care for J and I and I couldn't get a word out. I slumped down and cried and cried and cried. I think the only thing I got out was "I'm so lucky" and "Thank You". I guess I am not good at these things.

Thank you Sue and Dave for giving us your home for the night and creating Jentinis. Sue your placed looked immaculate, the decorations were fab :p. Thank You to my bridal party for all of your time, hard work, and love. This wouldn't have happened without you all there. Oh and thanks for the best surprise ever Kate! Thanks to Rhianna, Miya, Aunty Houde, Grandma, and of course mom for helping out with everything. You guys are truly the best. And to all of you who attended and contributed, we love you all and are really lucky and so grateful to have each and everyone of you in our lives. <3