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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Best winter yet (besides Hawaii)

More snow!! All of the locals were warning us about the winter but coming from Manitoba I was wasn't to worried. In MB it's so cold you have to have your car running for atleast 20 minutes before you can go any where and after being outside for 30 seconds your fingers feel like ice pops inside your mittens. Some days when the wind is blowing it's hard to breathe and you can feel boogies frozen inside your nostrils...YuCk. The winters here are so very mild and beautiful but wow is there ever a lot of snow. It snowed all night last night and we are expecting 20 more cm by tonight. J obviously can't shovel so it leaves me doing the dirty work alone well not alone becuase Lily helps dig :p. I really don't mind as I get distracted and start building snow men, climb hills, make forts and angels.

Lil's path got snowed in

As much help J can do. He got all dressed up to cheer me on :)

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  1. In Chicago we got literally this much snow! so crazy!!! Looks like a ton of fun!
    p.s.. super cute blog


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