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Friday, February 25, 2011

It's as simple as it should be

So the really exciting thing about living in a small town is leaving it. Since I spend most of my days cooking, cleaning, and playing with my dog I don't ever wear a spot of makeup and my daily wardrobe consists of p.j pants/sweats/lulus, tank top, occasionally a bra (usually a sports) and a sweater. So as soon as I have the opportunity to leave the house and go to let's say... home hardware, or grocery shopping I get way to excited as I get to pretty up my face and pick an outfit out of the two closets I have easily filled. If someone would have told me 8 months ago I was going to be engaged living in a VERY small town, where I would be so excited to go grocery shopping, visiting home hardware or finding new recipes I would have never ever believed them.

J and I took a drive to Baddeck to go grocery shopping and wander the town. Of course on the way up every person you pass gives you the smile/nod/wave which always makes me happy. It was just such a gorgeous day and had that exciting feel of spring. Everything just felt fresh and the sun just brightened everyone's faces. We ended the day off right at a friends place where we had some great conversation, laughter, mojito's (except for J) along with a delicious fondue dinner.

Yep, that's right, I have all of my grocery bags ready to hit up some good deals

My pals and I discussing the knit-a-thon!

Sorry Mrs. Bell.

We came up to 3 moose on the trail. Poor little terrified things

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  1. Looks like you guys had a fabulous day, and I soo wish it was feeling like spring here!!!


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