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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Just another day in Cape Breton

Whoa! We have one little moose friend that frequents our area all of the time. In the past week it's been in our yard everyday.

Well today Maple got off of her leash while J was walking her and decided to go after the moose! J was right at the front steps when Mapes escaped and went for the attack. We were so nervous about Maple getting kicked and really hurt so J and I were calling and promising her treats. It didn't work so well. J decided to go after Maple, then the moose decided to charge at J. J had to bolt out of the way and off Maple and Ms. Moose go running down the road. The moose lost Maple and J quickly grabbed her. Wow what a scene!!!

Here is J and Maple walking back. He's just a little shooken up!!! Luckily nobody got hurt :)

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