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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


So before my trip back home I thought at least a week before I would eat only healthy food and exercise like a mad woman. Well, I actually had planned on doing that three months before but that obviously didn't work out so well. I get out walking everyday and if I don't I go on the treadmill, but I eat junk habitually. If I ate healthy I am pretty sure I would have a decent bod as my body fluctuates so easily.

Tonight we had one of our fave friend couples over and we CHOWED down. I am so into making guacamole lately extra garlicky mmmm with some multigrain chips. Bbq'd chicken, cream cheese rolls, veggies, peanuts and too much beer were on the menu tonight!! The previous nights were pizza, burgers, penne, geeeez what am I doing to myself? I know everything is fine in moderation but these binges were NOT in any way in moderation.

Maybe if I eat healthy tomorrow my body will turn super fit by Friday?

P.S I don't have a dress to wear to my social yet. I am wearing my yellow  one to my shower on Friday. My other new one is way too short for my social, I would have to wear it too a non dancing event. And the dress J got me makes my cleavage go up to my neck, ew! So I will be in a mad dash for a fabulous dress the moment I touch ground in Winnipeg

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