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Monday, April 11, 2011

Social = Dance

I didn't mention how good of a time I had at the Legion dance two weeks ago. Next dance I probably shouldn't get so tipsy before hand or else I'm going to have the town talking about what a drunk I am. They should have a dance once a month during the winter months rather then once every 3 months. It's so nice to get out and let loose, dress up, meet with friends and boogie on down. I was pretty disappointed I didn't have my tickle trunk of costumes with me. The theme was Too Poor to Go South, so beach wear. I love dressing up like a fool. In high school I used to have parties pretty much every other Friday (sorry mom and dad) and we would just start dressing up in whatever we could find. It just makes partying that much more of a good time. Anywhere else I would be wasting  spending too much money on ridiculous costumes to prepare for such a gala, but here we don't have the luxuries of too many places to spend such money.

The last legion dance was New Years, J and I spent dancing the night away with our neighbours we had just met. I was promising them baked goods and beers if they were too come over and spend time with me. Desperate? Maybe. This dance J was away in..... Vegas, and missed out on all of the fun. I had a few people over before the dance. We had some drinks, played snakes and ladders and got real acquainted.

Limbo. Check!

Hot potato with drunken adults. Check!

Girlfriends. Check!

Groovy dance moves and booze. Check!
The dance is just like a social. For those who don't know what a social is go here. I can't wait to have my very own social on Saturday. Pretty upset with myself that I didn't throw a theme in there as I LOVE dressing up. I just can't get over that I am having my very own WEDDING social. Especially in Stony Mountain, where I would frequently crash socials at the ages 16,17,18. This is going to be goood.

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