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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Schmoo, wine, cake, and cuddles

The best part of being back home was all of the time spent with great friends and family. We went out to eat and drink way too much. We had to make up for it as we spent the winter here, with not one restaurant being open in our town. Actually, the first one opens up next week!!! wooo hooo What a luxury! When you live in a small town, the littlest things become much more exciting... I like that. It was so nice to catch up with many of our favourites.
My brother cuddling with the cat, so cute.

Girlfriend date  
My second brother and grandma

Segovia Tapas Bar for dinner

Sexy Grandma

Amanda met us at Baked Expectations for cheesecake

Schmoo torte, my fave

Banana Chocolate

Carrot Cake

Christana met us for coffee

Ozzy and Lily sharing

J's mom and brother

Beautiful Sarah
Morgs, Mack, and J


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