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Friday, March 25, 2011

Day of BFF'S

When you move to a place that's provinces and even countries away from your best friends of course there are going to be days that you miss them beyond belief. There is absolutely nothing better then being right beside them sharing stories and laughs. We are so lucky in this day in age. We have access to things like phone's, texting, skype, and facebook that it makes missing your loved ones a lot less painful. I was able to talk to four of my amazing friends today and man am I ever feeling lucky to have such amazing people in my life. These four friends truly just get me and I get them. I have a couple of other friends like this but I just wasn't lucky enough to converse with them all today!

Here are some random facts about my friends.

Shestin: I met Shestin over four years ago in Hawaii. He is someone who never forgets a word you tell him. When we first met he didn't like me as he thought I was a pretentious bitch. He grew to love me shortly after. He is someone who I hold on a pedestal. He just gets things. He is hilarious and extremely intelligent. I miss the days of laying on the beach with him, listening to the waves. He is beautiful inside out. We planned to travel central america with one another but I went ahead and got engaged, he is traveling now. He says things like this in normal conversation "more like in horror or suspense or action movies when a family member or other loved one realizes along with the audience that the end is near and so decides to make a phone call to that one person that they want to speak to most before they die and they talk about all kinds of stupid shit first like telling jimmy to be strong and stay in the 3rd grade and dont forget to water the goddamned orchids and remember to bring oatmeal cookies to grandma in the hospital because she hates chocolate chips and they finally get to the part of saying i love you but only get out "i lo--" Need I say more? I miss you!!

Bonnie: I have been best friends with Bonnie for 17 years, wow!! We have been through absolutely everything together. I know every little thing about her as she does me...scary! She introduced me to J. She is totally one of those solid friends who would do absolutely anything for you. She is beautiful and smart with fish. We want to have babies at the same time so we can go through that journey together as well. She beat me at marriage, she has been married for a year and a half. I was her maid of honour :) I just called her today to vent. She loves cats and her new dog Sadie and her Bryan. She is my matron of honor. Her husband is J's best man.

Jordan: I have known Jordan for 17 years too. Not sure when the exact moment we became best friends was but I'm glad it happened. He is hilarious. We always have interesting conversations. We have similar personalities. When Jordy and I are on a dance floor together no one else in the room matters, we just give er. He is game to do anything , anywhere as long as its law abiding :p. Milly Vanilly. He is the best dancer I have ever encountered, besides myself of course. He has a funny thumb. I trust him. He warns me when there is fires in the disco. I think of him always. He is sweet, smart and handsome. I miss you friendship.

Katelyn: Kate and I have been best friends for 14 years. She, like Bonnie, knows absolutely everything about me as I do her. She has always been behind me through thick and thin. She is passionate about food. She is my maid of honor (I have 2) We talked for an hour and a half today and it felt like 5 min.  Her mom makes the best cookies and brownies. We have the same sense of humour, except I don't love ppl falling as much as her. We know each others quirks to a tee. She has drive. She is an amazing writer. Gorgeous, witty and intelligent. I can't believe I am not going to be able to see you until my wedding!!!!

I can't imagine life without any of you in it!!! xo


  1. And Kate just doesn't like people falling down she LOVES it, and will watch it over and over and over and over and over again! ha.

  2. Amazing! Brought a tear to my eye! I do love watching ppl fall (as long as they dont hurt themselves)and Jordan does have a funny thumb haha! I love you, thank you for this page, it truly made my day. Xoxoxoxoxoxoxo


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