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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Is he the one?

Many people ask (mainly women) how did you know he was the one? I usually replied with it just worked, or you just kind of know. Thinking back now, that's not true at all. How can you just know? Yes it just worked, but there are reasons why.

Family means the world to me. I am so very close with my immediate family, grandma(s), grandpa, and the Saj's. Do I ever miss Sunday dinners. Pretty much every Sunday they get together at someones house and eat until they can't move. The girls get to sit at the table and the boys bring out the tv trays and watch sports. Every Sunday the energy is so different. That's probably the best part, seeing who is hungover, cranky/tired, hyper, excited, or calm. Ah I love my family and the food they make. J totally just fit in. Everyone loves him and that is so important to me. When I saw J's family dynamic, that just kinda sealed the deal for me. They are all just so loving and wonderful. I really couldn't be marrying into a better family. And it's not just his immediate family that is so lovely, it's his aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents that I just adore as well. Geeez I am one lucky gal.

Another "he is the one moment" was when I was working with my sweet Aaroni. Aaron and I hung out out all of the time, I got to help him at all of his wicked jobs, and Fridays were always the best. I would take him to meet up with his friends for lunch, or we would catch a matinee, or mini golf! Such a good time. Anyhow Aaron is a great cook, and wanted to show off his mad cooking skills to us. He was so pumped to have us over for dinner and unfortunately I ended up having to work that night. Aaron was a little disappointed but he understood that things come up. J didn't know Aaron all that well, and didn't know Aarons parents at all. But he didn't want Aaron to be upset so he went by himself to have dinner with Aaron, his respite worker, and Aarons parents. That totally melted my heart and showed me what a stand up guy he is. I am so passionate about giving people with disabilities the opportunity to lead a meaningful quality of life and he totally respects that and feels the same way.

I would say these are the two tops things that sealed the deal for me. I love him for so many reasons and we just really get along and make one another happy :D 

P.S He will finally be home in a half hour.


  1. that is so sweet jen..... i totally love reading your blog ...

  2. that is so sweet! You are missed every single day and expecially on Sundays... Just not the same without you two!!! XX


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