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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Come to the beach with me

I had such a great relaxing weekend! The weather was warm, the boats are being put into the water, we finally have neighbours again (summer home people are moving back in), and only a month away from work!!

On Friday I went to a girlfriends place for a wine and appetizer night. She introduced me to 10 of her friends who I have never met. They were all lovely and we had great chats. It's so funny because sometimes you feel as your the only people living in this town until nights like these. It was great to have some much needed girl time.

The rest of my weekend was spent playing on the beach with my pups. Oh and I finally had zumba yesterday, so I was able to feel like a fitness goddess for the rest of the day ;) We spent a couple of hours on the beach yesterday and today we spent 4 hours. J met up with us both days after he was done work. Nothing beats putting on your ipod, walking the beach and watching your pups have so much fun on a warm spring day. I have to keep them on there leash most of the way now as the summer home people are slowly starting to take down there boarded up windows and hang flowerpots and wind chimes. Maple and Lily are very friendly and curious and love to meet as many new friends as possible!! It was pretty neat yesterday, we had never wandered into our backyard forest before so we decided to go for a little adventure. Both J and I never realized there was a beautiful brook only a 100 yards away. Hello summertime beers as our feet cool off with fresh mountain springs.
You can't really make out the brook from this picture as we are quite high up. The trick is getting down the cliff into the water safely
Yesterday, there wasn't a soul on the beach except for us. Today there was one couple, but that's it. Where are you hiding people?
Maple proudly chewing her disgusting moosejaw she found
View from my perch rock where I lose myself in thought
Hey sexy springtime beach wear! It's hard to man handle these overly excited pups when they see J after he is done work.

The boats are in!!!

Black Brook
Cooling off

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