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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


The day of the social I was in a mad panic to get a dress. If I couldn't find one, I could always fall back on one of my old ones or my short short one. But I wanted to be comfortable and it's not as fun wearing an old dress. Off I went to Winnipeg on a mission. I had a makeup appointment at 3 and so my hairdresser (Jon's sister) wasn't able to do my hair because she had her hair appointment at 4. The stress of not having your hair or outfit for a big day is a little maddening. Bonnie pulled through and contacted a girl from our home town to stay late at work so she could do my hair. Phewwfff. After me being so picky and trying on 20 BCBG dresses I got one of the girls to just pick one for me. It was nothing extraordinary and way overpriced but I was a little desperate. I then went and picked out accessories and made my 3:00 makeup appointment at Mac. You see, I wear no makeup. If I am going out I will wear mascara, eyeliner and some gloss or lipstick but that's it. I don't ever wear foundation or any of that crap because I feel like I am wearing a mask. I don't have great skin but I think natural beauty is the most beautiful on every women. I thought for once I would go all out and treat myself to something out of the norm. I soon regretted it, when I looked into the mirror I didn't look like myself. I figured it wouldn't be so bad in the dark but I forgot about cameras and their darn flashes. I ended up looking so pale and my eyes were way to black. That is all just minor though.

J and I had an amazing night with a over sold hall filled all of our friends. It was truly a night to not be remembered. I talked to pretty much every single person in that place that I don't even remember who was all there. People were waiting in line to talk to you, kind of swarming around the next in line. It was all so wonderful and overwhelming! I am pretty sure everyone had a good time as the booze was sold out at the end of the night. What a total rush it was, I felt like I was on a high the whole night.

We did end up dancing to an Ingrid Michaelson song

Thanks again to my wedding party, mom, and grandparents. You guys pulled off such a successful event. Here are a handful of friends photos I compiled from the night.
My brother, his gf, mom, aunty and uncle

Part of my beautiful Bridal party

J's sister and I


One handsome specimen

J's family

My mom and her gf

jail birds

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