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Friday, April 1, 2011

Poor puppies

Both of my poor dogs are hurting units. We went and got Maple spayed last Tuesday so we have been watching her like a hawk to ensure she isn't licking at her sutures. I even put an old t-shirt on her at night so I know she can't get at it.  It has been so hard not being able to take both of my pups for walks as we are normally so active but I wanted Maple to heal as fast as possible. The past couple of days I noticed there was a bump forming at the top of her incision. I thought it was just part of the healing process. But, yesterday it started to puss at the bottom of her incision. The vet was traveling to our town on Tuesday but I didn't want to wait until then just in case the infection got worse. The vet gave me a topical cream to apply twice a day to help fight the infection. She has three layers of sutures and her body isn't breaking them down. I really hope they don't have to re-operate.

An hour after Maple and I got home, Maple, Lily and I were soaking up the rays on the back deck. Lily, was being such a good girl so I took her off her leash and she passed out on my lap. She heard something and went bolting off into the woods. I couldn't find her anywhere and kept calling out to her. I called J for moral support and then I heard these blood curdling cries coming from the woods.... my Lily. I followed the sounds and found her immobile and bleeding. She has some punctures on her left side from a coyote or another dog. She is pretty traumatized and has been shaking all night, she is having a hard time using both hind legs, poor thing. Needless to say another vet trip is in order tomorrow morning.

A couple of her wounds :(


  1. OH NO! This breaks my heart! Your poor babies! I am sure everything will be fine and I hope they both get better real fast!

  2. Thank you!! :) they both are doing well


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