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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Some guys just can't handle Vegas

I HATE STAGS, especially stags in Vegas. Who came up with the idea to go and get completely shit faced before your wedding. It's never a good idea. At least we have five months before the wedding to clear the air but, I can't imagine marrying him a week from today being this annoyed with him. Don't get me wrong I am all about having a good time, perhaps too good of a time but I would never spend four grand in one day on booze. It wasn't just J it was all of the guys, like 8 I believe, but really? In one day?! It totally could be worse, yes....
And I am stoked to see the second movie. But ugh, J is not allowed to go on anymore Vegas trips with the "boys" this year anyway!! We have far too many events going on this year and spending that much money is ludacris. And the stories I heard don't have me to thrilled either. NOT HAPPY!

Needless to say he slept in the spare bedroom last night. :p I need to just keep reading my Is he the one? post from yesterday to make me feel better.

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