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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I love you Heidi!

I love Heidi because:
She has a love affair with spicy caesars with HUGE pickles.
She always smells pretty.
We tan in kiddie pools on her deck with jark.
She is a great listener.
We are both sensitive messes.
She has an accessory to go with every outfit.
She is passionate about things.
She has a big heart.
We are both getting married to top knotch guys.
She is always game to cuddle.
She has good teeth.
She is compassionate.
She is smart.
She will dress up with me in the most ridiculous costumes just for fun.
Her hair is always perfect.
She will always be there for me as I will for her.
We both love to dance real silly.
She has got a super hot bod.
When I am being a brat and can't find an outfit for the life of me she will take apart her closet and destroy her room just so I will be happy.
She is witty. 
People think we are sisters.
She will have a dance party with me anywhere.
She loves junk food.
She loves romance.
She is kind.
She doesn't look like a farm girl but totally is.
She is hilarious.
She is thoughtful.
She wears her heart on her sleeve.

These are just a couple reasons why I love my pal. But what I am trying to get at it is we both have a life changing year coming up and we are going though it together :D She is getting married to an amazing guy a week before Christmas and has asked me to be in her wedding party!! xoxo I am so grateful and am counting down the days we can see each other again.

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