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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sit back and let my love grow good for you

So here is a little J & J history:

My best friend Bonnie who is my matron of honour and her husband Bryan who is J's best man introduced J and I around 5 years ago.

However, I was not in the least bit interested in J. He does not even remember meeting me as he was very intoxicated drinking pitchers of beer. I decided he wasn't my type and moved on.
We ended up at the same place one night. I don't recall him but that's where he developed a crush on me.

That summer I was bored with life in MB and decided Hawaii would be a good place for me to live for the summer. I got a job as a nanny and ended up going back and forth for over a year.
I fell in love with these cuties
We dated other people.... I went back to Hawaii for another summer to try and find myself. And just got more confused.
My moms visit
 When I got back Bonnie and Bryan announced there engagement and asked both J and I to be in there wedding party. A Halloween/Engagement party followed. Jon told me how beautiful and weird I was and how much he liked it, wearing this....

While I was wearing this...
I thought it was very sweet and flattering but didn't think much more of it as we were both in relationships.

Things didn't work out with my boyfriend and shortly after things weren't working out in J's relationship. We were both single and went to a social with Bonnie and Bryan.

 We ended up smooching that night :o

We decided to not be exclusive for the summer so he could enjoy single time with his boys but we couldn't resist one another.

A year later we ended up engaged. He truly is the best person I have ever met in my life!!! Thanks Bonnie and Bryan.
Right after we got engaged
There you have it, our love story.


  1. so cute. and i love the shorts you are wearing in the dancing pic.

  2. what a cute story! i love it! :o)

  3. thank you for your response on my post & directing me here! i love your story about gradual love and how you decided he wasn't your type initially, yet you fell in love much later. so sweet!


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