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Friday, March 4, 2011

When 3 became 4

The weather finally allowed us to go and pick up our beautiful new addition, Maple!!! The poor girl was so terrified when her old momma was introducing her to us. She peed all over the backseat of her old car and was barking at us. She totally knew something was fishy. Maples old family was not able to give her the love and attention that she craved.

Our cuddly 7 month old golden retriever/lab

After a sad farewell Maples old momma wished us well and drove off. Maple calmed down instantly and nestled right into my arms. She is one big baby just like our Lily. The bumpy windy road that is the Cabot Trail was not helping Maples nerves by any means and she threw up all over the back seat. Thankfully we stopped in at Walmart and bought her a tonne of goodies as well as a blankie that caught most of the vomit.

We could barely wait to bring Maple home to introduce her to her new house and sister. We knew Lily would be very excited but not to sure about Mapes. Maple didn't like Lily at all!!! She was showing teeth, nipping and had her tail tucked right underneath her. We were starting to second guess our decision to get a second dog.

Thankfully it didn't take too long for the girls to warm up to each other and they have been following each other all afternoon. <3 We are sooooo in love with our newest family member she is so smart and sweet.
Best buddies

Stare down

Maple so exhausted after a busy day

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