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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's a simple life but an amazing one

J went back to work on Tuesday!!! I am not even a little sad about it either. I am someone who values my alone time. It seems whenever J is home I get instantly lazy and just want to laze on the couch with him. He was home for four weeks and it seems that's all we did. Now that he's gone during the day, I get to have my kitchen dance parties, cook, bake, and clean!! As weird as this may sound to those who know me these have become my fave things to do and of course play with my pups outside.

As nauseating as this may come off, the best part of my day is when J comes home from work. Maple, Lily and I stop whatever we are doing and bolt to the door to greet him. J can never tell who is the most excited one as we are all so eager give him a warm hello with big sloppy kisses. :p
After we all calm down :p, J get's the harnesses on the pups while I get my outdoor gear on and off we go to our beach. We get to talk about our days and laugh while we watch our goofy puppies play.
She found a sea urchin.

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