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Monday, March 7, 2011

Just thinking

It's funny that it feels as though we moved into our new house years ago. In reality it's only been six months. The lack of pictures on the wall and the cupboards STILL not  being finished I guess are sneaky reminders that we haven't been here all that long orrrr procrastination at its finest.

When J first was looking into buying the house he had heard some rumours about the potential new neighbour. That was the only negative thing he could see about buying this home. I will remind you all that J picked out the house all by himself as I was still working and living in MB. So he was telling me about the location, the house, the area and it all sounded so appealing. J just couldn't get the thought out of having a not so friendly neighbour right next door. I reminded him that it was a small town and we shouldn't make judgement on hear-say. I am all to familiar with that as I do come from a small town, which is comparable to a booming city now that I live here haha!

We haven't had any issues with our neighbour yet. He has only been more then kind and generous to us. Last week we got hit with some more snow and J is still not to be doing strenuous work as he is still in recovery. He was out there brushing off the car and shoveling around it so we didn't feel to stuck. Before we knew it our neighbour was out there snowblowing our entire road and driveway for us. He is not a young/healthy man either. So I baked him some treats and J brought them over. The next day he was up and at em snowblowing when it really wasn't necessary, I think he just wanted more treats :p

We are not great pals with the man but rather friendly acquaintances/neighbours. We like to keep our distance as our really good friends has had some problems with him but I am so happy we didn't shun him right away. I feel he his just really lonely and I really do feel for him. I would like to think after his health scare he has realized that life is too short to sweat the small stuff. It's just so hard to understand he has the reputation he does. Who knows, hopefully we just stay on his good side and keep on with the friendly waves. :)

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