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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Don't say dat!!

Here are a couple of highlights from my trip to Ottawa!! (In no specific order)

#1 Cats
Meet Vino, Leahs boy. His sister Shiraz and him loved my suitcase.

My newest bff Courtney sharing

So awesome! Sure Parliament hill is immaculate but the cats on the hill were much more interesting to me.

#2 Spa Day!
I didn't receive any treatments at Le Nordic spa, I just enjoyed the nordic baths. It was very relaxing and also pretty fun to jump in and out of the hot and cold baths. They had one waterfall that was only 5 degrees which was quite exhilarating to say the least.

#3 Taking it all in
Ottawa is such a beautiful and clean city. I loved the market the best. So many great shops, restaurants, pubs, and stands to enjoy.

#4 Partttyyyyyyy Time
Sorry liver you didn't deserve that...

#5 Visits
 I of course got to visit with my pal Leah who I went to go and see. I was able to hang out with some pretty awesome people through her as well. On my last day there I met up with a face from home, Tatum and her beauty of a daughter Emmerson. It was fabulous to catch up!

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