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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Shop till you drop

 I have been on a huge dress shopping kick as of late and it's been fabulous! I received 3 parcels in the last 3 days and they have all been new dresses :) It's so fun becoming more and more of a girly girl. J doesn't like it too much but that's ok! My mom tried so hard in the younger years, dressing me until I was in grade seven haha thanks mom. I was always so well put together and my childhood friends can still remember some of my stellar outfits :p As I approached the teen years I rebelled. My dads hoodies became a staple in my wardrobe, and my hair was never done.

I am not a fashionista by any means but I now am embracing being a woman. I love finding clothes that work for my body and make me feel good. Unfortunately, there is not many chances I get to show off my fabulous new purchases but they sure do make my closet look pretty.

I had told J that we need to have one night a week where we dress up for one another and have a nice dinner. So I would be able to wear some of my new clothes then!!! When he gets home from work we put on our rubber boots and sweats and go walking and then we come home and change into our pj's. Ok that's it, we are starting that tonight. Date night in our house!!!
(Everything around here is closed for the winter, and if things were open we would look mighty silly all decked out)

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  1. lol your welcome... aww and that is cute you are doing date nights.. (:


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