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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bikini ready

All winter long us Canadians get to hibernate all winter. Yes, I realize most of you work and/or are very busy mothers so you don't REALLY get to hibernate. But, you eat more comfort food to get you through those cold winter days and nights. The beautiful thing about that is we get to wear big cozy clothes, and scarves to forget about all those extra pounds we have consumed over the long winter months. Really it's a win/win. But every year Spring creeps up on us and we are wishing we were able to shed those pounds just as fast as we have shed all of those layers.We are also forced to face all of that extra fur that seems to be getting thicker as the years pass. :s A couple of years ago I didn't understand why women needed to wax there bikini line, I now know all to well.

I have been checking out my fave suits at Victoria's Secret and found a couple must haves. I am going to order a couple now to give me more incentive of having that bikini bod I have always wanted. Yes I say the same thing every year and at the beach I am always making sure I am sitting properly to ensure a few extra rolls are hidden.

Here are a couple of suits on my wishlist :)

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