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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Here comes the bride

How cute was J's guest post? I thought it was very sweet :)

The moment I walked out to see my groom and all of the people we hold dear to our hearts, I don't think I have ever let out such a dramatic exhale. It honestly was the greatest moment of my life to date (so cliche, but so true). At that moment while holding on to my daddy's arm I have never felt so much love. You just feel so unbelievably grateful and so loved, its such an amazing feeling. I saw my handsome groom first, and then I looked around at a sea of smiling , overjoyed faces. I will never forget that moment. My faces show exactly how excited I was.

Of course I love to see the bride walk down the isle, but I always stare at the groom at weddings. Glad there was a picture of J's expression <3

I had just said "Hi Jon"

So excited!!


haha overwhelmed.

I had so many special moments throughout the day, but I thought it was important to not only snuggle my dad before I said my vows but to snuggle my dear Gramps. Ugh I love them!


  1. You were a BEAUTIFUL bride. I love seeing the groom's's one of my favorites!

    I loved your dress!!! :)

    And lastly, I'm a new follower :):)

  2. You look so genuinely in love! I love when brides are joyful and smiley! Beautiful photos! :-)

  3. Love this! :) You both look SO happy!!! Yay for wedding recaps! hahahahaha

  4. omg, you looked absolutely amazing! that dress of yours is so stunning! i love how happy and excited you looked!

    p.s. i always look at the groom's expression too! :)


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