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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Necessities

The Dress!
I got the dress from Winchesters in Halifax. I had tried on about 30 dresses from four different shops (two of them I had visited twice)  and finally found "the one". I got to have the experience of being with friends & family in Winnipeg. My mom and Sue even flew to Halifax for a dress hunting trip. But I hadn't fallen in love with one specific dress. It wasn't until J was recovering from his accident when I had ventured off for some me time that I found Nuria by Aire Barcelona. I fell in love instantly.
The Shoes!
I ordered the shoes off of The shipping was so fast and they were even prettier in real life.

The Earrings!
I got the earrings from Etsy but the seller no longer has a store :( They shimmered different blues from ever angle/light. So pretty.
 The Purse
I ordered the purse off of Etsy as well from Mia Von Mink's Wedding Couture. You can tell how excited I was about it.

The Hair Clip!
I ordered the hair clip from...yep, you guessed it, Etsy. The shop is called Vie Moderne, check it out. I love all of their pieces. In this picture I am holding the beautiful gloves my girlfriend Claire mailed me. Unfortunately they didn't match my dress :(. I will where them somewhere fabulous though, I promise xoxo


  1. Love all the accessories! :) And that dress! SO PRETTY!!!

  2. gorgeous!! i looove the peacock feather on the shoes :)


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