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Sunday, November 13, 2011

You meet the greatest people in the best places

J and I had just finished a hike (surprising?) and felt we deserved to finish the day off with some cold ones. Just as we we were about to pull away from the LC a car full of young people! people pull up beside us. J & I immediately knew they were tourists as we had never seen them before and they had an innocent look of desperation in their faces. They were wondering if anything at all was open... a place to stay? A pub? Unfortunately there aren't many options this time of year (as I have expressed a couple of times on this blog ;p) except for two little gems just after the mountain. We bid them farewell and wished them luck. As we drove away I thought, that was rude! We should have offered them a place to stay, the poor things. If I was traveling and ended up in a ghost town and a couple of people my age offered us a stay at their place I would be stoked. J wasn't too fond of the idea. He thought they were going to think we were weird and desperate, which is not to far from the truth anyhow. We found them at an abandoned B&B, pulled up and offered our place to them. They took our number and address down but ended up staying at one of the places on the mountain. A couple of hours later they showed up for drinks. Two Australians, One Irishman, and Two Canadians equals lots of booze, laughter, & fun. We went for a good old hungover hike up Franey the next morn where I definitely dry heaved a couple of times on the way up, classy. That's where we got to meet up with the German, he was too pooped to come out for drinks the night before. The four of them had only met a couple of days ago in a hostel in Halifax, and it seemed they had known each other for years. Ugggggh I want to travel again soon. Anyhow, J & I definitely fell in love with the gang. We hope that in their travels across Canada they do take up the offer to come visit us in MB. Conor you do have to meet your future wife Morgan sooner then later. It was a pleasure to meet you all, Happy Travels xoxoxoxxoxoxox

I guess the moral of this story is hangout in the parking lot of your local LC. You never know who you're going to meet :p

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