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Thursday, November 17, 2011


Let's take a wedding post break and enjoy Timbit

I don't think I have introduced Timbit to my blog yet. Maple and Lily are obviously famous on here, every second post has there beautifully silly faces all over it. I met Timbit at work in June. He had followed a hiker all the way to the end and back and was desperately seeking attention. The hiker told my coworker he came out of nowhere. So of course I run into my coworker and it's obvious what a sap I am towards animals. He plays it up reeaaal good "this poor little guy is going to be eaten by a coyote really soon, if you don't take him home." How could I say no to that. J was away for work and I excitedly called him to congratulate him that he was father to a beautiful 2-5 year old boy. He was not to impressed. He only fell in love with Timbit a couple of months ago. He was never a cat person until now. Timbit has his very own lazy boy and lounges in it every night after a full day outside which we like to call the "office". J even reclines it for him every night, and never forgets to give him goodnight kisses. We totally adore our newest addition, he gets along with the dogs so well, and he is a great snuggler. LOVE!

He's such an old man

The next post will be a guest post from my husband :)


  1. Your wedding photos are just lovely! Hahah I love Timbit's slouch, what a little love muffin!

    XO from MP in MB :)


  2. I love Timbit is just reclining - hanging out! What a cute kitty!

  3. Aww pets are seriously the best!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Your wedding pictures are absolutely gorgeous! And your hubby looks exactly like the guy from Brothers and Sisters, lol!

  4. Your blog had me at hello with your two pups on the header and now the cat?! Totally in love!! :)


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