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Friday, November 18, 2011

Guest Post by J

A post from the infamous J.

Well after much anticipation, Jenna's that is, I have decided to write a post about the big day, September 03, 2011.

First a lead up.

It started a little rough, I swear to all I was not hungover at all, well not from the night before the wedding, but from the days prior after the arrival of Jenna and mines friends and family. It had been a few days of 30 odd people in our backyard, laughing, singing, dancing, joking, oh and a few bevies as well. The Thursday before the wedding the boys headed out on the golf course, Highland Links, an amazing course in town that is one of the top ranked in the world, not that I was too worried about my golf game. I paired up with my dad and Jenna's grandpa Ray and her dad Rick. Lets just say it began with a couple beers each during the front 9 and turned into a lot more by the end of the round, it was a steep back nine! Next all the guys waited on the patio for the other groups to end. Most crews showed up on time, with a couple foursomes a little late on the end, and it was no surprise who. My good buddies from Manitoba and Alberta were the final foursome and lets just say they were 45 min behind the second last, many empty cans, an injured golfer (I mean its a pretty rough sport, well only when you play on top of a cart), and a couple leftover Smirnoff Ice's, luckily one for me as soon as they showed up. The night ended at the local pub where we met with the ladies, I won't mention too much, as there isn't a whole lot remembered, but we had a blast and the big day was that much closer! Apparently Jen posted about her girls day/night on here. She remembers more...

The morning of the wedding was calm, I slept in and had the whole house to myself to get ready. Jenna had been picked up early by her fabulous ladies as they were headed to the spa to get ready. I trimmed the scruff, took a long relaxing shower, and prepped my suit. Me and the boys in my party were going to get ready in a cottage at the lodge. When I was ready I met the boys at a local restaurant for breakfast. We talked about old times and the many stories that make up our past, and are the foundation of why we are all so close to this day. These guys, not only those in the party, but the solid crew of guys I stay close with are the best friends a guy could have. Not only did they travel this far for my wedding but there are honestly the type of guys that would go a million miles for you, then go a million more.

Just after breakfast I made sure my wedding gift to Jenna was on its way. I had surprised her earlier in the week with a great DSLR camera, and also got her a zoom lens to go with it, that was the surprise today. I am so happy I chose it, I swear there hasn't been one day since she got it that she hasn't used it, and the pics on the blog show it, I only surprised her with the tool and she brought the talent to capture amazing pictures, teaching herself along the way! So proud! I honestly see it, photography, being a big part of her future.

After breakfast we headed to the lodge to get ready. We had a little running around to do and were running a little short on time but we made it to the cottage in time to order some food, have a pre-ceremony beer and cigar, and get a few pictures of the boys before the big show. Then it came time to walk down to the ceremony area. This is when it hit. Boom! I am getting married!! I was pacing around trying to get my head in a place where I wasn't going to cry all the while Shelly was trying to pin my peacock feather on me. As the boys lined up, the seats were filled with all our friends and family, and it was my turn to walk down. As I stood at the alter waiting for Jen to walk down, I honestly pictured her in my head running down the Keltic road with dust kicking behind! I know how she gets stressed but I also know how she feels about me and knew she would come walking down. I swear every guy that gets married must think this at least for a second! I wasn't waiting long and finally the moment every groom describes, she walks down the aisle. It was a WOW moment, I wasn't looking at the world class scenery all around me, the numerous bald eagles flying, or the most important people in my and Jenna's life standing in front of me, all I could fix on was her, my bride, my wife, the love of my life (corny line inserted for Jenna). The ceremony flew by, the highlights were the vows for sure, her's were hilarious, sentimental, and natural. I have known for a long time Jen was the one for me, no more so then when we both wrote vows that had so many similarities, it was amazing!

As in all weddings it ended with a kiss, not a huge one as those are kinda un-classy, and as all of you know me and Jen are as classy as they come! ha ha. It was a great kiss all the same! I will leave it at that, the memories will last a lifetime. The day flew by but to tell you the truth it is only the beginning. So many more first and best moments are a head of us that I look forward to each and every day as if it was the morning of September 03, 2011. Love you Jen, oh and Lily, Maple, and Timbit.

Here are some pictures of our guests and myself right before the ceremony.

The ladies

My Bride had just walked out


  1. SO CUTE!!! I love that he was willing to write this !! LOVE IT! :) I also love that he gave you a camera -- good work! haha

  2. That's the best idea ever...awesome hubby there!!

  3. this was so cute! loved reading this! what an awesome gift too! :)

    new follower loving your blog!

  4. What a cute post! My favorite part of a wedding is to look at the groom's face when the bride enters...this picture captured that perfectly!!!


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