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Monday, October 8, 2012

Uisge Ban Falls

We always bring our hikers/runners in the car just in case we decide to do a hike wherever we are. The beautiful thing about living here is there is always a gorgeous hike steps away. We were all fueled up and ready to check out Uisge Ban Falls.

We were surprised to see so much green on our hike. The seasons are a little later here than the rest of Canada so we are patiently awaiting for fall. 

I am infamous for wearing "not proper" hiking wear. Like so...

LOVE this photo

I think Willow loves nature just as much as her mama and daddy

See, I can still climb things like a goat. "Proper hiking gear" not necessary

My people

I couldn't resist...

Hey pretty Maple

Willow likes to wear dresses hiking too

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  1. Lol at Willow liking to wear dresses to hike...too cute! These scenes are just gorgeous! It's like you live in an enchanted place!!! Canada is beautiful!


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